The Voice: Two More Out the Door

The Voice S02E17: “Live Eliminations”

Florence + The Machine + Team Cee Lo opened The Voice's latest round of live eliminations with Florence's newest single, “No Light, No Light” from Ceremonials, and I flailed happily through the entire performance. I highly recommend snagging a copy of Ceremonials on vinyl and blasting it when the neighbors aren’t home. It’s pretty much a religious experience.

But after The Machine bid us adieu, it was time to get down to business.

This week’s insta-saves, as chosen by America, were Tony Lucca from Team Adam and Jamar Rogers from Team Cee Lo. Nice. That left Katrina Parker and Mathai to sing for redemption by the grace of Adam Levine, and Juliet Simms battling Cheesa for Cee Lo Green’s favor.

Mathai tackled “Cowboy Casanova,” a Carrie Underwood song. I thought it was alright. The response from the judges was generally positive, but none of them went out of their way to shower her with praise. I repeat, it was an alright performance.

Katrina Parker, still delightfully styled like an adult (what ARE you doing to your hair, lady? It looks fabulous. You should give Christina some pointers) dove into the official playlist of angry artsy teenage girls to perform “Perfect” by Pink. This time, the judges we more generous with their acclaim. Christina complimented Katrina’s skill at picking songs for herself and said she couldn’t wait to hear her original stuff in the future. Wow, that was...that was actually a very nice compliment! Christina was in a good mood. Maybe she just doesn’t like Mondays? I don’t blame her.

Adam killed ten minutes rambling with utmost sincerity about how much he didn’t want to cut anyone from his team. He pulled it together with a comparison of both Mathai’s “moment” and Katrina’s “moment.” Unfortunately for Mathai, she didn’t really have one, as Adam’s definition of “a moment” was that single performance that made it clear to him that a particular contestant has what it takes to win the whole shebang. This marked the second time that Katrina saved herself from the pit of the condemned, so clearly, the woman is doing something right.

After the break, Cheesa kicked things up a (small) notch with “Already Gone” from the Kelly Clarkson collection. I thought the song nicely showed off her range, but she was flat for most of it and the judges called her out. In the past, they’ve all talked about how debating pitchiness is silly because live performances are inherently imperfect, but I guess when you need an excuse to ditch someone, any reason will do. Then again, being flat for the ENTIRE SONG is more than a minor detail.

At that point, Juliet Simms’ performance was basically a formality. She traveled back to the '90s and sang Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn.” Juliet's voice is actually quite pretty when she isn’t growling like an irate yeti. Christina said she wanted something more like “Roxanne” and oh, don’t we all, but “Torn” was good and Christina’s mind changes by the week anyway.

Cee Lo was just as positive and reassuring tonight as he was on Monday. He asked Cheesa and Juliet to smile before he revealed his decision, possibly due to some twisted sense of humor, but I like to think it was because of the whole smiling-releases-endorphins thing.

So, Team Adam heads into next week with Tony Lucca and Katrina Parker while Team Cee Lo has Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms. Those are some pretty fierce-looking teams there.

How do you feel about tonight’s results? Would you have chosen differently?

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Forget about the ratings. Don't know what they are, don't care. But the Voice is lucky it's already been renewed, because this season has beat the life out of it.

It's like watching a movie about a "rock and roll show" in which we're asked to ignore our ears and believe only our eyes and the overwrought speeches by the judges. It reminds me of Episode 2 of Black Mirror. Everything is so exaggerated it just comes off as cheesy and phony. The performances and costumes are over the top, all the contestants are either crying or putting on their painted smiles, and even the family members are over reacting. It's a difficult spectacle to watch.

But the worse thing is how the "judges" have whittled all of the voices with character out of the show, and even the voices that remain have been sanitized to the point they sound like they were created by middle aged focus groups creating the next big sensation for adoring teens. Except for one problem, the singers all look like painted up dummies in a 80s era wax museum.
is it me or is the most awesome post to ever appear on ?

I'm liking Florence and Machine since the Game of Thrones preview. Best preview ever.

Everything fell in place this week. Nothing shocking. I really loved Cheesa, but the judges were right. Good for Tony Lucca.
I have to disagree with Kevin and Mate, slightly. While I will say that Tony and Juliet are awesome, both Katrina and Jamar are amazing! So Katrina looks a bit like Adele. That's really not her fault. They're both bigger, beautiful women, so I don't see any problems there.

I see Juliet going next week, though. I don't like it, but Jamar seems to be the people's choice. Not saying he doesn't deserve it, the man can sing! But, it's possible he's getting that ol' sympathy vote. It sucks, to be honest, but at least he is an amazing singer.

What would be nice with shows like this is, don't bring ANYthing personal about the contestants into it. Let's hear them sing, that's it. Hell, if they could not show them at all, and all we had was to vote on them by voice alone, that would be even better, but obviously, that does not make good TV. ;) But, bringing in personal life stuff, that can end up swaying the vote one way or another.

Getting to your question, though, I have no problems with the results from the show. Next week's show is going to be killer!!
i agree with Kevin below. Tony and Juliet are the only ones that have a chance. Juliet, if produced well. not over produced like her songs from The voice on iTunes are right now, I would buy her album. And to a lesser extent Tony. I wouldn't buy Jamar nor would I buy Katrina. With Jamar he is good, but I just don't see any lasting appeal. With Katrina, the more adult they make her look, the more she looks and reminds me of Adele and then I just want to listen to Adele. So She doesn't have that going for her.

One big issue I have between this and last season. Last season's songs were way better. Not just better sung, but better. I don't get the feeling that I did last year that the contestants are choosing their songs. And if they are, it is in no way up to the quality of last year.
personally, I think only Tony Lucca and Juliet Simms are the only good ones from these two teams now

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