The Voice Week in Review and Top 10 Power Rankings: The New Eliminations System Is Awesome

There’s been quite the outcry over the bountiful boobage Christina Aguilera flaunted during her performance of “Make the World Move” with Cee Lo Green last night. I feel like I’m the only person on the internet at the moment who doesn’t think it was that bad. I’m not a big fan of slut-shaming and frankly, if Xtina wants to wear a bustier that is clearly incapable of modestly dressing her rack, then so be it. The only time I’ve really given her cleavage a second thought was during certain blind auditions, because you could honest-to-God watch them gradually migrate out of the position she or her stylist had carefully placed them in prior to the start of taping. I mean, the blind auditions aren’t live. We know they aren’t live. The Voice doesn’t even try to pretend that they’re live. Are you telling me that someone couldn’t have called for a break to let Xtina readjust?

That’s pretty much all I have to say about Aguilera’s assets, but here, judge for yourself:

I even liked the new single, and I was wholly prepared not to like it because, well, it’s a Christina Aguilera single. IDK. It was a weird week for me on The Voice.

America has spoken and sent two additional contestants home. Unlike in previous seasons, the eliminations going forward are pretty much a free-for-all. Rather than eliminate the bottom performers from each individual team, The Voice has adopted the practice of eliminating the bottom performers... period. Theoretically, one judge could take all three of his or her remaining team members to the finals while another could take zero, which is AWESOME. Everyone is forced to be their best at all times. It’s no longer enough to be the best on Team Adam or Team Blake. You have to be the best of everyone.

Team Blake and Team Christina suffered the first cuts of the new approach—and I am not surprised. After a mediocre cover of Pink’s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” Team Blake’s teenage rocker Michaela Paige got the boot, along with Team Christina’s Adriana Louise, who failed to gain much momentum with her Carrie Underwood cover, despite getting a little too up-close-and personal with Adam Levine during her performance.

Of the ten remaining contestants, here’s how I would rank them:

10. Bryan Keith (Team Adam)

I just don’t get the appeal. He’s a perfectly capable singer, but he’s BORING.

9. Dez Duron (Team Xtina)

Okay, this one I kind of get because he’s like, totally hot in that boring cookie-cutter boy-band kind of way. Still, his performances put me to sleep.

8. Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)

I haven’t been a fixture on the Pope party bus all season long and her take on Kelly Clarkson this week didn’t do much to sway me.

7. Melanie Martinez (Team Adam)

After last week’s awesome “Hit the Road, Jack” cover, it was right back to the coffeehouse routine with “Cough Syrup.” BUT AT LEAST SHE ISN’T BORING.

6. Sylvia Yacoub (Team Xtina)

I generally like Sylvia Yacoub, but I honestly don’t know if I liked her “My Heart Will Go On” cover, so I’m going to stash her here in the middle until I see more.

5. Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo)

I keep waiting for America to get sick of Team Weird Beard because I’m a cynical bastard, but I’m always delighted when he makes the cut and I’m proven wrong. His Huey Lewis cover was a nice step back from the “baby-makin’ music” and just a lot of fun.

4. Cody Belew (Team Cee Lo)

Belew’s musical tastes have been eclectic and he’s held his own with almost everything he’s been handed. I’m actually genuinely curious about what his original stuff would sound like. I’m also fond of sequined lapels.

3. Amanda Brown (Team Adam)

Much like Cody Belew, Amanda Brown is crazy versatile. With that said, I prefer rock-star Brown to belting Brown and she seemed more at ease performing Aerosmith than she did singing Florence + the Machine. I also think that we’re at the point in the competition where it would be wisest for the judges to let their team members sing what they feel most comfortable with. Adam said that they needed to show America that Brown can do more than rock, but what was wrong with her rocking? She was awesome at it. I’m all for pushing team members out of their comfort zones early in the game—it's necessary to divide the good from the great—but at this point, just let Amanda Brown be Amanda Brown.

2. Terry McDermott (Team Blake)

Team Blake excels at nailing down “who” and “what” they are. Terry McDermott came into The Voice as “the rocker” from the very beginning and he’s consistently churned out fantastic takes on classic rock tunes. His cover of Boston’s “More than a Feeling” was no exception.

1. Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo)

Between Nicholas David’s leisure suits, Cody Belew’s lapels, and Trevin Hunt’s studded bow-tie, I’ve decided to declare Team Cee Lo the winners of my unofficial The Voice fashion show. Clearly, they are taking clues from their peacock-feathered and leopard-print-kimono-clad master. OH AND THEY CAN SING TOO. Cee Lo may lament the lack of foxy ladies on his team this season, but he has a solid block of talent to be proud of, with Trevin Hunte leading the way week after week.

How would you rank the remaining contestants?

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I just laugh when I see Christina's outfits. Although none of them seem nearly as bad as season 1's outfits. But given that it was a performance, I'mma gonna let this one slide because really, look at what Cee-Lo wears!

Love the new elimination format...mainly because the 2 I wanted got sent home!

My rankings would be: Trevin, Terry, Bryan, Cassadee & Dez (top 5 that I like a lot), Nicholas, Cody (that I mostly like a lot), Melanie, Amanda (like most of the time) and Sylvia (she's ok but not my cup of tea)
The main problem with Christinas clothes is that she seems to believe she still looks like she did about 5 or 6 years ago. But she doesn´t. And wedging herself into these tight outfits isnt fun for anyone. Not for her and not for those who have to look at her.
I like the new system where they eliminate the worst two singers regardless of teams. To me it makes much more sense than the old system.
But the problem I really have (and its more of a problem with talent shows in general) is the fact that the viewers get to decide who stays and who gets cut. I understand that its supposed to help connect the viewers to the show and the contestants but the moment you let the viewers decide it stops being about talent or who did the best performance. It simply turns into a popularity contest. Which is probably the main reason why Dez and Bryan are still around. Because a lot of teenage girls who primarily watch these shows are voting for them. Not because theyre great singers but because theyre hot or cute or whatever. You have these supposed experts sitting there who know more about music than the average viewer ever will. Let them decide who gets to stay.
Oh, one other little pet peeve of mine: Trevin Hunte is a fantastic singer. Hes got enough talent for three. But so far I have the feeling he has done the same exact song every single time. I know the coaches usually use the whole versatility excuse to get rid of some weaker singers in the battle rounds but in this case I think its a real issue. Id really like to hear him sing something besides those ballads he has been doing so far. Something with a bit more tempo or something. Just show me that hes more than a one trick pony.
I so agree about Trevin. He's talented, sure, but he's so incredibly booooring. He needs to shake it up a bit to impress me. Also agree about Christina. That blue dress she wore a few episodes ago was embarrassing...
Trevin is amazing. No doubting that. But... I can already feel myself getting tired of him, because... I just wouldn't buy his album. I love listening to him, but I'm not going to spend money on him.

I really thought Team Blake blew it out of the ballpark yesterday, so I was shocked to see that all of them didn't get through. Hell, I thought Michaela did better than Pope, so... did not see that coming. Still absolutely adore Terry, though. He's my winner. I'd pick up his album tomorrow.

Really like Adam's team... sortaish. Like, I do, but they all sometimes go into sleepy land for me. Especially Bryan and Melanie. And Amanda? I just don't get it. So I tend to check my email during her performances.

But am I the only one that was pissed that Carson gave away who was going home before the elimination was even over with!? I mean, really!? Talking to ONLY Melanie and Cody, and then ignoring Michaela and Adriana, and that's NOT supposed to look suspicious!? I dunno. That really ticked me off. There you are with nervous peeps and nervous coaches (well, Blake looked nervous; Christina looked... lost?), and you're just gonna give it away before it's over? Not cool.
Seriously, Team Blake? Sorry, there's only one member who could be considered The Voice and that's Terry. Both, Michaela und Cassadee are underwhelming in the voice department just like Dez (just listen to them wihtout looking then you'll hear each and every flaw perfectly, it's The Voice, after all and not The Face).
I'm all for Team Cee-Lo! The guys are absolutely amazing every time.
Amanda is great, too, but I don't like her song choices. Then there's Sylvia who had the misfortune of getting a Celine Dion tune that absolutely wasn't for her. She did her best with it. Please, chose something better next week.
I feel indifferent towards the other contestants which haven't had their "moments", yet.
First off, I agree with the cuts. My listing:
Terry, He nails it every time. The man's AWESOME! He's a natural.
Trevin, Another natural He's a Powerhouse. Blows me away with most of his performances.
Amanda, Dream On was ICONIC! This woman's got some pipes on her. I'm a FAN! A natural born rock Goddess! Rock on! A bit pitchy this week, but solid.
Nick, Effortless. Superb. Awesome.
Sylvia, Beautiful voice. Last week was my favourite.
Bryan, Luv his husky rasp, Consistent. Nailed Back to Black.
Cody, No longer surprises me after Jolene. Didn't see all this coming from the live audition. Luv him. Very versatile.
Melanie, She's one of a kind. Uniquely her own genre of musical style.
Dez, Improves every time I hear him. He's got that... APPEAL! Hence the SCREAMS!
Xtina made a BIG mistake when she chose Adrianna over DeBorah.
Pope is a non starter for me. If America had voted for Michaela instead of her I'd like to think Blake would have chosen Julio or Liz.
i'm so happy that michaela left cuz i never cared for her at all! she's boring and that mohawk is just way too forced!...
anywho, i was actually surprised by dez's performance... he was good... not that i am a fan, but he was better this time...
even tho i'm not a fan of team ceelo, i think he's got the strongest team at the point...
i do love terry tho so i just dont know... i kinda wish amanda would win tho cuz i want to see a female winner lol
i LOVED xtina's performance and i need to say that i've always been a big fan of hers but her last album, bionic, was awful! i could never listen to the whole album!!... was so disappointed... so i didnt expect much bout lotus but truth is it's awesome! i really love it!..
and if u r a fan of blake, u should check out their duet cuz it's the best song!

speaking of xtina, i'm surprised bout how nice she's been to the contestants this season, opposed to being a royal b**** last season!... maybe she got tired of the simon act and decided it was cooler to be nice
Totally on board with the new elimination system. Much prefer this "best of the best," then best of what is left on a coach's team even if that was at the expense of someone else who was a much better singer.
And I was not surprised nor displeased with the results here.
Didn't love Melanie Martinez's song choice (seriously, sing Fever!) and Amanda didn't really blow me away.
I think I'm really rooting for Trevin at this point.
So angry that Michaela left!!! And also very angry that Dez stayed!!! Stupid teenage girls who vote for young adult guys just because they're cute!
Sad to see Michaela go, she was adorable. Amanda and Trevin annoy and bore me, respectively. So I'm for Weird Beard and the Lost Beatle.
I was afraid for Xtina. I watched the whole thing through my fingers worried they were going to pop free. She needed a bit more fabric or a lot less bouncing.
Top Ten Cumulative on last two weeks:
Trevin – He’s still the top dog When a Man Loves a Woman was his best performance to date
Terry – My personal favorite. This kind of voice is what’s needed in the current mediocre rocker scene
Bryan – I honestly do not get what the poster has against this dude but I think he’s super talented and he nailed Back to Black.
Amanda – While this week was pretty disappointing her momentum carries from last week. Hopefully she rebounds next week.
Dez – I may have hated on him earlier but I think we got to see the real Dez this week and it reminded me a lot of Michael Buble
Cassadee – This week was better than last she’s consistently good not great. Loved her with the guitar though
Nicholas – He’s been decent. Has a good voice but I think I like him more for his personality and uniqueness’s which can only go so far.
Cody – Last week was his break out but this week was a small step back. I like him but he’s yet to have his moment.
Sylvia – I’ve never been a big fan of her. Last week that changed but she went right back to the dog house when she chose my least favorite song this week.
Melanie – She has a cool voice wouldn’t call it remarkable and in this year’s talented group she gets the bottom spot for me
Michael Buble just threw up a little and doesn't know why. I'm not surprised that Dez was kept since the main audience is teenage girls and he's got them locked in. I see someone on Team Ceelo winning.
I didn't say he was as good as him but he has a similar style I'm not a teenage girl and I thought he sang well and reminded me a bit of him chill out. I wouldn't mind someone from Ceelo winning but it's anyones game right now my favorites are Terry and Trevin
Amanda, Terry, and Melanie are my favorite remaining contestants.

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