The Voice Weekly Wrap-up and Top 4 Power Rankings: R.I.P., Team Adam

Another week, another team falls to the new elimination rules. Bye bye, Team Adam. I’ll miss you. Well, I’ll miss half of you. After briefly revelling in network talent show glory with “Hit the Road, Jack” a few weeks ago, Melanie Martinez seemed hellbent on returning to her immobile and inaudible roots with a string of mostly forgettable performances aimed at the indie-snob demographic that would probably rather set themselves on fire than indulge in The Voice.

Amanda Brown, however, was robbed, and the only thing holding me back from an impassioned rant against the voting public is the fact that at least Team Weird Beard is still going strong. I have absolutely no explanation for Nicholas David’s continued success except that I’m a cynical bastard who is accustomed to the singers I like never making it to the finals. Is this what being on a (potentially) winning team feels like? It’s strange and tingly, kind of like when your foot falls asleep. I’m not sure that I enjoy it and it I feel like if I try to get used to it, I’ll just be setting myself up for disappointment next season when we start this insanity over again.

Still, Go Team Weird Beard! Also, Go Team-Anybody-But-Cassadee-Pope-Because-I’m-So-Sick-Of-Ex-Warped-Tour-Musicians-Coming-On-This-Show-to-Whine-About-How-Disappointing-Their-Careers-Are.

Here are our top 4 heading into the finals:

4. Trevin Hunte – Team Cee Lo

Hunte’s “Walkin’ on Sunshine” was underwhelming, but his “I’m Telling You” reminded us of why he’s made it as far as he has in this competition. It all comes down to song choice with him. He tends to give his best performances with classics and ballads, but I understand the appeal of doing more up-tempo stuff. Unfortunately, his fumbles with the faster songs could easily land him in the bottom slot next week.

3. Nicholas David – Team Cee Lo

Both Christina and Adam wanted the elusive “more” from David during the chorus of Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” while Blake remarked that, thanks to David’s annunciation, he finally knows what the actual lyrics to the song are. They were all correct. “September” maintained Nicholas David’s status quo; it was a solid, but sort of predictable, performance of his signature “baby-makin’ music.” However, his cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was easily my favorite of the entire evening. Can I get that on vinyl please, kthnx?

2. Cassadee Pope – Team Blake

Ironically, it was the country song that Coach Blake handed to Pope that made her fret and get all angsty because as we all know, country music is a super obscure and difficult genre of music to sing (or so every freaking contestant and judge on The Voice would have you believe)... and Pope rocked the pants off of it. Of course, Rascal Flatts is pretty much the poppiest country group ever, but regardless, her cover of “Stand” was one of the strongest performances of the night. Her tired and painfully predictable Avril Lavigne cover, however, seemed warbly.

1. Terry McDermott – Team Blake

McDermott pretty much does the same thing every time he’s on the stage (unless he’s being force-fed country tunes by his country-fried coach) but the thing is, he does what he does well. His harmonies on “I Wanna Know What Love Is” were lovely and his cover of “Stay with Me” was energetic and fun and flawless. He stayed far away from his weaker low register this week and it was a strong decision.


1. How would you rank the top 4?

2. Were you sad to see Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez go?

3. Was Christina Aguilera not TOTALLY wearing a wig?

4. Speaking of Xtina, did anyone else find her deliberate avoidance of complementing Melanie Martinez, coupled with her excessive praise of whoever designs The Voice’s sets, to be kind of rude? I’m sure that the behind-the-scenes people probably don’t get the credit that they’re due, but at the same time, given that the strongest thing about most of Martinez’s recent performances has been the sets, it just seemed kind of dickish to point out, “Blah blah blah musically I wanted more but OMG THAT SET DESIGN WAS BEAUTIFUL TOO BAD IT WASN’T YOUR IDEA LOL *evil cackle*”

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