The Voice's Live Playoffs, Round 2: Ranking Team Xtina and Team Cee Lo

The Voice S03E20: "The Live Playoffs, Part 2"

The second night of The Voice’s shiny new live shows continued with an opening performance of My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” by Teams Xtina and Cee Lo that seemed to lack the get-up-and-go energy of the Team Adam/Team Blake “Piece of Mind” collaboration, but it still featured some sweet harmony action. Plus I just really like the song.


Tonight is the big night when America’s other votes are tallied and we learn which three contestants from each team will advance. In the meantime, here’s where I've placed everyone from Wednesday’s performances:


5. Devyn DeLoera – “Bleeding Love”

The apparent difficulties of matching the song's instrumental tempo and generally shaky tone seemed to betray a case of the nerves and unfortunately, in my humble opinion, stuck the usually awesome DeLoera down here in fifth place.

4. Dez Duron – “Wanted”

Poop jokes—and the general opinion that Duron’s biggest appeal is his pretty face—characterized his dabble in country twang. There was also an incredulous outburst from Blake in which he basically said that if he knew Duron wanted to be a country singer, he would have fit right in on Team Blake. Duron held his own, but like a surprising number of performances on Wednesday (mostly over on Team Cee Lo), he just seemed to blandly be going through the motions: technically good, but boring to behold.

3. De’Borah – “Who Knew”

I originally ranked De’Borah lower than the middle position because I thought that her insistence on singing in a low register was a terrible call, as her low register is pretty warbly. But Blake pointed out that De’Borah’s performances always tend to “sneak up” on him and I agree. Her low notes leave something to be desired, but her higher register is solid. Paired with her stamina and high-energy performances, “Who Knew” ended much better than it began.

2. Adriana Louise – “Firework”

Ugh. Much like Terry McDermott’s “Don’t Stop Believing” cover, Louise’s take on the Katy Perry staple was great, it really was, but this song is just so overused. It showed off her skill well, with Adam commending her performance and pointing out that “that song is a total bitch” due to the long high notes and runs, but I’m so sick of hearing it. Make it go away.

1. Sylvia Yacoub – “The One That Got Away”

Clearly, it was Katy Perry tribute night on The Voice. I applauded Yacoub’s decision to play the piano during her performance. There are so many high-note-belting divas on Team Xtina and the move gave her that extra something that set her apart. Despite the fact that she was essentially forced to sit for the duration of her performance, it was still energetic and entertaining.


5. Diego Val – “Bailamos”

Diego Val wasn’t really comfortable singing “Bailamos” according to his rehearsal footage, but The Voice is all about making singers who know Spanish sing in Spanish ALL THE TIME. What do you mean Peru and Spain aren’t the same country? It’s all Spanish to Cee Lo. Unsurprisingly, Val’s lack of enthusiasm over the song choice translated to his performance. I saw it. Christina saw it and jumped at the chance to call him out on it. I have to give him kudos for owning up to it though.

4. MacKenzie Bourg – “What Makes You Beautiful”

I wish we’d let him sing something more mature than the boy-band fodder he’s been handed the past few weeks. The performance itself was great, but—and it burns to say this—I agree with Christina and I’d like to see more depth in his song choice. More Foster the People, less Owl City and One Direction.

3. Cody Belew – “One More Try”

Cee Lo’s top three is where is where ranking got hard and I was forced to rely entirely on personal preference. Belew’s George Michael cover was perfect and his high notes are crazy-awesome Also? That was an impressive pompadour he was rocking.

2. Nicholas David – “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything”

I’m always eager to see Nicholas David perform because on paper, he just SHOULDN’T work, what with the whole bearded-hippie-in-a-leisure-suit thing and his fondness for what Adam called “baby-making music.” But he DOES work. He works the way Cee Lo Green’s peacock suit worked and for that reason, after Trevin, he’s probably the best fit for Team Cee Lo. All around awesomeness—weird, oddball awesomeness.

1. Trevin Hunte – “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”

Was there ever any doubt about who would be number one here? The man is flawless.


1. Which Wednesday-night performances were your favorite?

2. Why is Nicholas David so weirdly awesome?

3. What the hell was that on Christina’s head?

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Nov 09, 2012
Trevin is amazing, but I'm not sure if I'd ever buy a CD. For some reason I like others better, even if they don't sing as well as he does.
Nov 09, 2012
Team Cee Lo

1. Trevin - Great performance as usual. Probably the front runner right now for sure. On a personal note I would like to see him mix it up a bit but that's being extremely picky.

2. Cody Wow I was impressed. This was his best performance by far I wasn't expecting it. Hopefully he continues to do well if he makes it through next week.

3. Nicholas - - I thought it was very interesting that Carson skipped Christina because she clearly can't be nice. I liked it Nicks an old soul and I hope he makes it another week.

4. Mackenzie - I wish he would do something different I really liked him to begin with but I hope he doesn't turn into a replay of himself if that makes sense. Doing the same top 40 bubble gum pop because I hope he's more than that.

5. Diego I think he will probably go this week. Bad song choice I know he didn't pick it but he should have made the most of the situation he didn't.

Team Christina

1. Sylvia - I'll admit I've never been a big fan of her but I respected her toning it down today and really connecting to the music instead of just belting out notes trying to impress Christina.

2. Dez It seems like he doesn't really like the direction Christina is taking him but it does work for the votes because he's got the pretty boy thing going for him. I agree with Adam I like his more jazzy style instead of the typical pop. He's got a good voice though so I'm sure he'll be around another week.

3. De'Borah Eh I don't know she's kind of getting repetitive she has yet to blow me away but she's not awful.

4. Adriana I felt it was just okay bearing on a bit annoying. I don't know I feel she's a bit overrated.

5. Devyn I like her she has a nice voice but she couldn't handle the passion needed in the song and the arrangement was a bit off.
Nov 09, 2012
cee lo and christina's outfits are always weird

i liked mackenzie but i think he should sing along the lines of john mayer, jason mraz, jack johnson... no teen pop for him! ok, his rendition of call me maybe was pretty good but 1d? seriously? poor kid... (not that i dont like the song, i actually do, but it has nothing to do with him)

sylvia was awesome and so was trevin... and that was pretty much it for me...

was surprised by cody belew in a good way and disappointed with adriana's firework... she can't work the stage and it was just boring...

soooo sick of deborah already... just hope she gets voted off already

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