The Walking Dead Season 3 Death Pool: Who Will Live, Who Will Die?

How long do you think you'd last in a zombie apocalypse? One day? One week? Sixty-six years, three months, two weeks, and six days? For the characters of AMC's The Walking Dead, surviving three full seasons would be an impressive feat.

We know that some major characters won't make it to see Season 4, and with Season 3 about to start this Sunday, now's the perfect time to put some bullseyes on the characters we think will be zombie snacks.

Here are the characters fighting for the right to still be called survivors by next year.

Andrew Lincoln

Current Status: Rick's the de facto leader of the group now that Shane is dead, murdered by Rick then re-murdered by Carl. He's a bit on edge now that Lori is pregnant and I guess all the zombies aren't helping either.

Reasons He Could Die: This show will kill ANYONE at ANYTIME except let's be honest probably not Rick. But imagine the tsunami-sized wall of shit that would crash the Internet if he did. For that reason alone, you have to consider it a possibility. Tiny, tiny possibility.

Reasons He's Safe: He's Rick Grimes, beeeeeitch! If he gets more than 10 votes in the poll below then you guys are doing it just to annoy me.

Odds of getting killed off: 1,482 to 1. Make that 1,483 to 1.

Actor: Sarah Wayne Callies

Current Status: Pregnant as allll Hell. Which means her hormones will probably make her do even more stupid things. Did she want Shane dead? Did she want Shane alive? Depends on the day, apparently.

Reasons She Could Die: The billions of Lori Grimes voodoo dolls shredded, impaled, and drowned by The Walking Dead fans. She could not look where she's going and fall off a cliff. AIDS from having sex with so many people who aren't her husband. Because the creators read message boards.

Reasons She's Safe: Well, she's pregnant, and killing a pregnant woman would be bold even for this show. And once she gives birth (which could happen this season), how cruel would it be to kill off the newborn's mother?

Odds of getting killed off: 7 to 1 but if we pray hard enough maybe we can inch this down to 1 to 1,000,000!

Actor: Chandler Riggs

Current Status: Growing up! Carl took a major step towards adulthood by killing the zombie version of his dad's best friend. You can just skip puberty now, Carl.

Reasons He Could Die: Carl suffers from a deadly condition known as "terrible parenting" and can often be found walking alone in the woods, wandering around in bogs without supervision, and poking zombies with sticks. It's a wonder he's still alive.

Reasons He's Safe: Well, he's the last kid remaining. The show can't kill Sophia AND him, can they? He's also the show's metaphor for how much the world has changed, and he's pretty useful at getting other characters killed (Carl's bad, Dale!). Plus, he's getting pretty good with a gun and we have to see at least one season highlighting Carl as the world's greatest zombie killer because that's what this series is working up to, right?

Odds of getting killed off: 15 to 1, but should be a lot closer to 1 to 1.

Actor: Steven Yeun

Current Status: Glenn is currently one half of the show's power couple and the group's go-to gopher, especially when it involves dangling into a well housing a fat hungry zombie for no good reason at all.

Reasons He Could Die: The only way he goes if he does some heroic "I'll save you Maggie!" sacrifice, because this guy is whipped. Glenn doesn't do stupid things on his own, but the group loves to put him in ridiculously stupid dangerous situations. It's obviously because they're anti-Asian. Watch your back, Glenn! The zombies are the least of your worries!

Reasons He's Safe: He's fast, quick, smart, and plucky. And he can be a coward at times, or as I like to say, a survivor. It also doesn't hurt to share the first name of the showrunner. No way Mazzara comes into work saying, "Today we're killing off... me."

Odds of getting killed off: 10 to 1, but if he dies I'm gonna be real mad!

Actor: Laurie Holden

Current Status: Poor Andrea got separated from the rest of the group after the torching of the farm, and we last saw her ass getting saved by the mysterious hooded woman with the katana.

Reasons She Could Die: I love Andrea, but from a storytelling perspective she's a little expendable. She doesn't really have solid ties to any of the other characters anymore. Plus, she had sex with Shane so she probably has a lethal does of crabs.

Reasons She's Safe: She's being watched over by a badass woman with katanas.

Odds of getting killed off: 20 to 2, 40 to 4, 100 to 10 (math joke!).

Actor: Norman Reedus

Current Status: Sneering in the corner.

Reasons He Could Die: To upset fans. Wasn't in the comics.

Reasons He's Safe: Because he's Daryl Motherf***ing Dixon.

Odds of getting killed off: 500 to 1.

Actor: Scott Wilson

Current Status: He's a broken man who just saw his family eaten and his undead family shot in the face and his farm burned to the ground, so he's back on the sauce and not sure this whole Jesus thing was really a good choice.

Reasons He Could Die: Ummm... everything? He's old! He's slow! He's drunk! Also, if we're playing by Lost rules, he (Scott Wilson) was busted for a DUI in August while filming in Georgia so he's as good as gone.

Reasons He's Safe: I'll let you know when I think of one.

Odds of getting killed off: Even money.

Actor: Lauren Cohan

Current Status: Totally stressing out or making out with Glenn.

Reasons She Could Die: Maybe because Lauren is antsy to grow her hair out again? Honestly, I don't see her dying, especially looking at that picture of her about to bisect a zombie with a machete.

Reasons She's Safe: She's got Glenn to protect her, and she's got herself to protect herself. I mean, look at that picture! This is a woman who is NOT dying. We also don't want Cohan to have to go back to The CW and suffer through another half-formed character.

Odds of getting killed off: 50 to 1.

Actor: Emily Kinney

Current Status: She's on this show? Wait, who is she again? When did she show up?

Reasons She Could Die: She's so innocent that killing her makes for a great reminder that these zombies are pretty awful and really indiscriminate with who they decide to eat. Stupid zombies. She doesn't seem like the heartiest survivor, either. She'd have a problem killing a zombie even if she had a flamethrower chainsaw nail-gun rocket-launcher acid-hose with zombie-seeking missiles.

Reasons She's Safe: She's cute (though that didn't help Andrea's sister). And she has no chance of going into any dangerous situation. While Rick and Glenn and Daryl go clear the prison of ghouls, Beth will be making bologna sandwiches.

Odds of getting killed off: 4 to 1. Cute doesn't matter much during the zombies apocalypse.

Actor: IronE Singleton

Current Status: Every second T-Dog is alive is literally a miracle. But there he is, always available to do the chores and dirty work no one else wants to.

Reasons He Could Die: Horror movie rule number one: he's black. He also wasn't in the comics, has no bond with anyone else, and has a line of dialogue once every half season. Seriously everyone, HOW IS HE ALIVE? He's breaking every rule of television.

Reasons He's Safe: Given the amount of obstacles and stereotypes he's overcome, I'm pretty sure he's God. And how great of a prank would it be to just keep him alive forever knowing that we expect him to die any second? He also has a great immune system, if surviving that nasty infection was any indication.

Odds of getting killed off: Somewhere between 200 to 1 and 1 to 200.

Actor: Melissa McBride

Current Status: Carol has also defied the odds by surviving, narrowly escaping dire situation after direr situation in the Season 2 finale. Her husband is dead, her kid is dead, and her will isn't looking too great either.

Reasons She Could Die: Let's face it, she isn't exactly the strongest of the bunch. And I wouldn't be surprised if Daryl killed her at some point from all the weird advances she makes on him. But the real reason: do we really need characters named Daryl, Carol, and Carl? Kill the link between the similar sounding names, and things will go a lot smoother.

Reasons She's Safe: The cast and crew are very fond of McBride, and her character is ripe for a personality overhaul in Season 3. She also won't be on the frontlines, instead she'll be back at camp cutting the crusts off the sandwiches Beth made.

Odds of getting killed off: 5 to 1 by zombie, 2 to 1 by Daryl's "accidental" crossbow shot.

Actor: Danai Gurira

Current Status: We don't really know much about her, but she's got Andrea and a couple of armless, jawless zombies that she keeps as pets.

Reasons She Could Die: Yeah right.

Reasons She's Safe: She appears to be the only one who has figured this zombie thing out because she's the epitome of a survivor. And I don't know if you saw her sword skills in the trailers, but she has no problems with zombies and could probably take out a few Highlanders at the same time. She kinda makes Daryl look like a pussy.

Odds of getting killed off: Zilch. There's a better chance that she'll kill you.

Actor: David Morrissey

Current Status: We haven't met him yet, but we know the big bad from the comics is coming this season.

Reasons He Could Die: Season 3 just feels like a one-season arc for the bad guy, doesn't it?

Reasons He's Safe: Well, I'm pretty sure he's amassed an army and has taken over a community of willing and able soldiers, like those guys Rick killed in town, so he's got that going for him.

Odds of getting killed off: 5 to 1, unless the writers really want to drag out his story into Season 4.

Struggling actors, baristas who had the weekend off, contest winners

Current Status: Roaming around Georgia looking for brains.

Reasons They Could Die: I'm not gonna lie: The odds are pretty stacked against them. Decaying skin and weakened bone structure allow for sharp objects to pass through with minimal effort, and blunt objects are pretty effective too. Still can't think beyond, "I'm hungry." Have not grasped the concept of tools. Stupid. In a show where a lot of zombies get killed.

Reasons He's Safe: There are more of them than there are of us. If they could somehow organize a coordinated attack with flanks and cover fire and maybe a few called-in airstrikes, they have a shot!

Odds of getting killed off: I'd say pretty darn good!

Who do YOU predict will get killed off during Season 4?

Comment below and we'll revisit this story at the end of the season to see who came the closest!

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