The Walking Dead: Watch a Scene from the Next New Episode (VIDEO)

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(There are some spoilers for the first half of The Walking Dead's third season in here, duh.)

You know, if I were just minding my own business and someone broke into my office, killed my daughter, and stabbed me in the eyeball with a shard of glass, I'd put on a grumpy face too. And that's where we left off at the end of The Walking Dead's mid-season finale, with one pissed-off self-elected official of Woodbury.

The Governor may have lost an eye, but he gained a prisoner in Daryl Dixon and he's planning on doing something nasty with him in front of an angry mob of townspeople. You'll have to wait until the show returns in early February to find out exactly what, but AMC has released the following scene from the next new episode to tide you over.

The people have spoken! But so has Andrea! Will The Governor's crush on the sharpshootin' blonde sway his responsibility to the bloodthirsty crowd? Ha. No. Killing Daryl would send some Walking Dead fans into severe depression as he's a fan favorite, and from what I understand, quite a hit with the ladies. So of course it can't happen right? Well, this is The Walking Dead we're talking about, so the answer is yes it COULD happen. And I'd like to see it happen because I'm a fan of seeing people lose their shit over television.

But Daryl's not gonna die, at least not right there. Why? Because he's very much alive in this trailer for the second half of Season 3!

Andrea visiting the prison! Glenn and Maggie angry at someone (gotta be Merle, right?)! Carl telling Rick to quit his day job! Beth laying one on Rick (I hope Carl didn't see)! And Hershel screaming at Rick! All coming up in the next chunk of television's Most Improved Show.

The Walking Dead returns on February 10 to AMC and torrent sites everywhere.