The Walking Dead's New Trailer: Things Are Still Sucky (VIDEO)

When The Walking Dead returns on February 10 for the second half of Season 3, I have it on good authority that things will pretty much remain very bad for Rick Grimes and his fellow inmates in Cell Block C. As a professional television watcher, it is my expert opinion that there will be more struggling to survive, possibly some intense fighting, a good chance that crazy people will do crazy things, and I also have a hunch there will be zombies. When you've spent the last several years carefully examining television, these are the theories you come up with.

Also, I saw this trailer:

Yes, really crappy times will remain the norm in the zombiefied South, as The Governor implements his eye-for-a-whole-bunch-of-other-people's-eyes edict and goes after Rick and his party. Along the way, Merle upsets Daryl's ridiculously obsessed fanbase with a knuckle sammy to his brother's face, Andrea still can't keep her clothes on around The Governor, and all of a sudden assault rifles are the weapon of choice. Can't wait!

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 10 at 9pm on AMC.

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