The Walking Dead's Search for Sophia: Let's Wrap It Up Already

So, how about that search for Sophia on The Walking Dead? Not too much progress on that front, ever since Carol’s dolly-clutching little girl was chased into the woods by walkers in the Season 2 premiere. One thing’s for sure, though: The Walking Dead's writers have been feasting on that particular plot development almost as heartily as a zombie feasts on brains. Everyone is looking for Sophia! (Well, mostly everyone. Carol has just been keeping busy around the farm. “She’ll show up when she shows up!” Carol always says.) The clever kids over at Vulture have edited together all of this season's Search for Sophia developments into one two-minute video, and watching it, a kind of dread takes over—the kind of dread that confirms your darkest suspicions that this show peaked somewhere in Season 1. But hold on, let’s be fair: Editing together any show like this is bound to make it look dull, repetitive, and aimless. Right? That said, though, let’s hope Sophia shows up soon. Like, really soon. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. We gotta find Sophia!


... How are you feeling about this storyline, which has now become a six-episode ordeal? Should the show have wrapped it up ages ago, or are you still interested in it?

... Do you think the search will come to an end in this Sunday's midseason finale? And if so, how?

... What do you think the odds are of finding the girl alive? Would the show really drag things out this far only to have her end up as zombie lunch?

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