The Whole NCIS Gang Will Be Back Next Season

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... We can finally start to enjoy our television off-season, now that the hugest of all huge weights has been lifted off our backs. After weeks of negotiations with CBS, the entire cast of NCIS will be back for next season (at least in some capacity). Sean Murray was the final member of the team to sign a deal, putting his John Hancock on a multi-year contract with the show. However, negotiations between myself and CBS are still ongoing. Will I be back tomorrow? Find out in the next edition of's... News Briefs! [EW]

... Summer programming means meaningful news is sparse, so let's take a look at the ratings, shall we? The Bachelorette remains a warm commodity this offseason as last night's ep took the lead spot with 8.2 million viewers and a 2.7 rating among adults, propelling ABC to victory for the night. CBS was snugly in second with repeats, and Fox limped to third with original episodes of Lie to Me (5.9 million, 1.8) and soon-to-be-canceled new series The Good Guys (4.3 million, 1.2). NBC also aired some stuff, most of which wasn't watched by anyone. [The Live Feed]

... If you need more proof that SyFy determines the plots for its Saturday night made-for-TV movies by throwing darts at index cards inscribed with words like "Octopus," "Shark," "Mega," and "Centipede," listen to this. The network is asking fans to help construct ideas for an upcoming film through a new website by choosing between three main concepts and pitching ideas for everything from creatures to character deaths. This can only end awesomely. MegaCentiSharktopus From Spaaaaace![THR]

... Glee is bringing on a major mega-super-duper star as a recurring cast member next season! Gleeks, get ready for... Charice" Yeah, I didn't know who she was either, but apparently she's huge in the Philippines. She'll play a foreign exchange student who becomes Rachel's rival. And then everyone will sing some popular song. And then the fans will buy the CD. [EW]

... Miley Cyrus is growing up. [TMZ]

... Jake and Vienna have called it quits! If you know who Jake and Vienna are, then you probably already knew this. For everyone else, they're last season's The Bachelor couple. Failed reality TV romances are never easy to deal with. If you need counseling in this time of grief, I recommend a 12-piece bucket of KFC and a gallon of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. [OK!]

... Criminal Minds is trimming its cast, particularly when it comes to those cast members who don't have penises. A.J. Cook's option has not been picked up, meaning she's a goner, and Paget Brewster has been asked to return in a very reduced role. Kristen Vangsness will remain on the show, making her the only full-time female cast member. Fans are upset (maybe not as upset as this lady), but CBS says the decision is purely creative and a way to "refresh" the series. Do you agree? [Deadline Hollywood]

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