The Winter Olympics Won't Affect UK Primetime TV

Great news, TV fans: The most popular primetime programmes will continue, as normal, throughout the Winter Olympics. Yup, that even includes Lost.

It's a win-win for TV and sports fans this month, as British broadcasters ensure that both groups get the shows they want to watch, when they want to watch them. Shameless, 90210, Caprica and 24 will all air in their usual timeslots despite live simultaneous transmissions of the Winter Olympics.

The news comes as a sigh of a relief for Lost fans who, at the end of last year, feared the final season of the suspenseful island drama would take a break to accommodate the games. Speaking to today, a Sky1 spokesperson assured fans that "Lost will air as scheduled this Friday" and that its run will, in fact, remain uninterrupted both here and in America. Well, if a speech by Barack Obama couldn't budge Lost it's only right that the Olympics can't either.

The Winter Olympics, which this year takes place in the Canadian city of Vancouver, will air on BBC Two and BBC HD from Saturday, February 13. Nevertheless, hit BBC shows such as Survivors, Mock the Week and Being Human are expected to be broadcast at their standard timeslots. With Heroes being pushed back an hour (from 10pm to 11pm) on Saturday, February 13. Even the final of BBC One's new reality show, So You Think You Can Dance, has been pitted against the first bout of ski contests this weekend.

As well as airing on the BBC the Winter Olympics will also be broadcast live on Eurosport and Eurosport HD. The 16 day event kicks off with an elaborate opening ceremony early on Saturday morning at 1.45am, with the first competitions starting at 7.30pm that evening. For specific scheduling information check our listings page.

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