The World Series Bumps CBS's Friday-Night Lineup; Fox's Fringe Is Officially Benched

If you're a fan of CBS's Friday-night schedule, David Freese is your new enemy. The Cardinals outfielder led off the bottom of the 11th inning of World Series Game 6 with a home run last night, forcing tonight's Game 7. And that's causing chaos in television scheduling.

CBS has pulled out of its Friday lineup, opting to yank new episodes of CSI: NY, A Gifted Man, and Blue Bloods so as not to see them crushed in the ratings by one of professional sports' biggest attractions. I know I'd rather watch a World Series Game 7 than Patrick Wilson. CBS will instead air a rerun of the Gifted Man pilot at 8pm, a year-old episode of CSI: Miami ("Sudden Death") at 9pm, and a February episode of CSI: NY ("Smooth Criminal") at 10pm.

And according to the official Twitter feed of Fox's Fringe, the decision to bump tonight's new episode is official. Look for it at the same time next Friday. Also getting the boot is Kitchen Nightmares, which was originally scheduled to air at 8pm.

This all started because Wednesday's game was rained out, pushing the final two games of the series back by one day. As of press time, the forecast for tonight in St. Louis was party cloudy with a 10 percent chance of precipitation, so it's unlikely the game will be rained out, and everything should return to normal next week.

Primetime sports often mess up TV schedules, particularly during playoffs, but when we get to witness incredible games like last night's, it's so worth it.

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