The Worst New TV Characters of the 2011 Season

A couple weeks ago, we all got together to gush over our favorite new TV characters of the summer and fall seasons. But even though we've made tons of awesome new TV "friends" this year, we've also met our share of duds. So we asked everyone we know to start naming names, from our own staff to our loyal Twitter followers; here's what we came up with. Defend our picks or name your own least-favorite new characters in the comments!

Whitney (Whitney Cummings) on Whitney

Even if she was smack-dab in the middle of a different laugh-tracky sitcom, Whitney would stand out as a character we wish would go away. The character is a toned-down version of real-life comedienne Whitney Cummings, and Cummings is often only funny when she's raunchy. So when she plays TV-friendly Whitney, all we're left with is a woman who irks people every time she opens her mouth or does that thing with her hands. You know, that thing! With her hands!

What you said:

Han Lee (Matthew Moy) on 2 Broke Girls

Jerry Lewis, you are officially off the hook! This awful caricature of an Asian person is on the show solely to serve as a punching bag for ignorant swats of xenophobia. His broken English is the Main Street the show's joke parade marches down, because the writers always go for the obvious, even when the obvious is painfully unfunny. We don't blame Moy or the character himself, we just don't understand why he's on the show. Runner-up: Second to Han in awfulness is Oleg, the Eastern European cook who seemingly exists solely to get boners over the waitresses and say things like "Once you go Ukraine, you scream with sex pain."

Juliet Martin (Zoey Deutch) on Ringer

When Ringer moved from CBS, where it was originally developed, to The CW, it was clear the series would need to boost its youth appeal. Perhaps that’s why we’re getting such an increased focus on Juliet, Andrew’s aggressively boring teenage daughter. She’s so consistently bratty and awful that it’s hard to sympathize with her struggles—not to mention the fact that her drug addiction comes and goes as the plot demands it. Totes over her. Just like that girl behind her in the photo above.

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The Shannon family (all of them) on Terra Nova

We're not supposed to root for the dinosaurs to eat people, right? Because it seems like Fox is trying to make us to want to slather Terra Nova's central family with BBQ sauce and push them into a T-rex pit. They're all stock characters from day one of Intro to TV Writing, and eldest son Josh may be the most annoying new character to hit the airwaves all year. For God's sake, Josh, just dump your girlfriend in 2149 and start snogging that hot piece of meat Skye who's right in front of you! You should also make smarter decisions and quit being mean to your dad whenever the writers feel like they need some more conflict.

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Allen Gregory DeLongpre (voice of Jonah Hill) on Allen Gregory

Someone somewhere (ahem, Jonah Hill) put something horrible into motion when he said to himself, "Hey I've got an idea, let's make an animated show about the most annoying kid ever!" Allen Gregory is a seven-year-old asshole who might work as a throwaway gag on a funnier comedy, but it took all of half-a-second for him to become completely unlikable. All he does is insult people, and since his hate isn't balanced by any even remotely redeeming qualities, it's basically impossible to empathize with him. The result is the kind of pint-sized "precocious" kid we want to drop a 10-ton ACME anvil on.

Nicole Scherzinger (herself) on The X Factor

Nicole's role on the judging panel is a tough one: Balance Simon's nastiness. Balance Paula's insanity. Provide some youthful energy alongside fellow judges who have seen it all before. And be generally very good looking (she handles that one just fine). Sadly, Nicole's first year has been a trainwreck. Unable to go toe-to-toe with Simon without losing her cool, she's essentially become Paula's crazy spawn, prone to shouting and hugging Paula several times an hour and even breaking into spontaneous song while contestants are still on stage (and none too happy about it). Replacing Cheryl Cole, who can bite at Simon's bark, was a bad idea.

The Angels (Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, Rachael Taylor) on the late Charlie's Angels

The not-so-angelic show might already be in TV Hell, but the Angels themselves earned a spot on this list for what they could have been. The producers tried to make the ladies deeper by giving them shady, criminal pasts, but all that went out the window once the opening sequence ended and they became vacant-eyed puppy dogs who moved their peanut-butter coated lips in synch with the worst dialogue ever. What a wasted opportunity!

Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies) on Glee

The concept of Sugar Motta—a talentless, Willy Wonka-worthy adolescent villainess with a rich father who gets her whatever she wants—actually makes sense on paper. And the character is indeed the most awful thing to stroll down the halls of McKinley High with the most grossly inflated sense of entitlement since Lauren Zizes (remember her?). Unfortunately, there is nothing "fun" about her. As portrayed by Vanessa Lengies, she's a one-note, witless creation. She can't even fake tone-deafness convincingly. Also, her citation of Asperger's Syndrome as her excuse for tedious behavior must be pretty hilarious to Glee writers, but it was really just another missed opportunity that trivializes a serious and misunderstood condition.

Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) on Hart of Dixie

Nevermind the phony accent or the bizarre 1950s-era wardro—actually, DO mind those things, they are terrible too. But the absolute worst part about Lemon is her thoroughly uninteresting personality, which whiplashes between shrill cattiness and pouty self-pity. This wouldn't be so bad were it not for Hart of Dixie's stubborn insistence of making Lemon a main character, or the fact that actress Jamie King has done much better work than this; here she's just the loudest nightmare mannequin on Hart of Dixie's midnight train to Southern ClicheVille.

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Austin (Justin Deeley) on 90210

The original Beverly Hills, 90210 wasn't exactly subtle, but The CW's reboot has done a decent job of keeping its teens grounded. Well, to a point. This season, we met Austin, a pot-smoking cowboy with a pet pig and a bad attitude. While more recent episodes have tried to humanize the big lug, he’s still more of a cartoon character than an actual person. Yee-haw for realism!

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Were we too hard or too easy on anyone? Which new characters are on YOUR "least-favorites" list?

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