The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent Win Three More Years

Can't get enough of TV talent shows? Then we've got some great news for you: The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent have been renewed for a further three seasons, despite persistent rumours this year would be their last.

The deal, which is reported to have cost ITV a whopping £100 million, means Simon Cowell's monuments to social awkwardness will air until 2013 at least. Britain's Got Talent will return to ITV1 in late spring 2011, while The X Factor (currently in its seventh season) will be back next autumn. Also secured for ITV2 are the shows' respective spin-off series and future American versions.

It's no surprise ITV are so keen to keep these reality shows. They consistently rake in the ratings, with this year's BGT debut attracting over 12 million viewers and last month's X Factor premiere peaking with over 11 million--a record for the show's launch. With this large an audience the channel can charge significant amounts for advertising and gain substantial column inches in the tabloids.

Reports are already circulating about the attendance of both shows' judges. Piers Morgan is too busy playing CNN chat show host to star in next year's Britain's Got Talent; Amanda Holden isn't sure that she has time either; and Simon Cowell's already said that, though he will judge the latter live stages, he won't be in next year's Britain's Got Talent auditions because of US commitments (and general frustration). More recently it's thought Cowell could give The X Factor the same treatment, as could Cheryl Cole who is rumoured to be joining Cowell across the pond... though we’re not sure if the Americans would really be able to deal with her thick geordie accent without subtitles!

Are you glad they've been renewed or are you fed up of the format already?

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