The X Factor gets second wind

The X Factor's presenters will be keen to put the negative publicity behind them." link="/the-x-factor-australia/show/31979/summary.html" target="_blank" loc="right">

After a faltering start Seven will be breathing a sigh of relief as the momentum for the show seems to be picking up.

With doubts as to whether Seven can recoup the massive investment, and the shock departure of Matthew Newton following his transgressions, there had been concerns that the network had bit off more than it could chew in its reboot of the successful worldwide franchise.

After a disappointing debut on Monday night, with only 1.18 million viewers, the show managed to pull in an audience of 1.48 million on Tuesday, helped by the ever-popular Packed to the Rafters, which played immediately before the big budget talent show.

The X Factor was still beaten in the ratings by Today Tonight and Seven News, but the broadcaster, along with producer FremantleMedia, will be pleased to see the ratings heading in the right direction.

It will be interesting to see how The X Factor fares by itself, without the bolstering support of hits such as Packed to the Rafters.

Doubling the anxiety sure to be felt by Seven execs is the imminent debut of Junior MasterChef Australia, which Network TEN has brought forth by several months to directly compete with The X Factor.

How the show fares in the long term remains to be seen, but how the ratings fare will be sure to dictate how the major Australian broadcasters approach similar big-budget productions in the future.

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Sep 01, 2010
I am guessing that the X Factor is not aimed at my age group (64) but I love it! The line up of judges is wonderful even though it looks like two of them (whom I love) have been watching AGT and aping two of the judges on there but no matter it is a great show. It will only get better and better as they move into the final countdown so hang in 7 no matter what! I am always sad when it finishes and wish it was on for longer but I always finish feeling uplifted by not only the talent but the kindness of the judges in the way they let people down. To all of you out there tape junior Master

Chef and watch it later when there are no good choices as this is what I will do....shame they will be on at the same time as I also believe that will be wonderful!

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