The X Factor's Final Four: The Dream Is Over

This week's X Factor eliminations opened with a Melanie Amaro performance, which showed off the impressive set of pipes that won last year's inaugural season. In the year that's followed, she's been in a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial and nothing else... until now. It's hard to imagine her new single is catchy enough to turn her into a legitimate star, but we suppose Simon's One Direction success will be enough to carry him for another decade. Without lingering, Mario and Khloe brought us to the first elimination based on audience voting...

Give us a moment here. This is tough. Tonight, we said goodbye to Cece Frey. Despite being the ugliest of criers every week she survived, Cece maintained her composure upon elimination. She wore a shiny garbage-bag dress with her patented leopard-spotted temple and newly blue-tipped hair and said something about believing in herself. Demi tried really, really hard to show some sort of emotion, but honestly, it just wasn't there.

So what went wrong for Cece? Despite showing off a ridiculously impressive voice early in the competition, she only seemed to fade from there on out. It's tough to explain... we swear she was good. A couple examples:

Then, we were "treated" (?) to a vision of what Cece could have been with a performance by Ke$ha. She sung for roughly a quarter of the song and writhed on the stage to the degree that FOX resorted to shots from the back of the arena for the perfomance. And this was before she humped the mic stand with dancing tigers behind her. Look, we don't usually bother embedding these things, but it's kind of a must see trainwreck:

Then, the sing-off. This week Diamond White returned to face off against Fifth Harmony.

Fifth Harmony:

Diamond White:

The judges were swift with their 3-0 vote in favor of sending Diamond White home for a second time in the competition. She was of course classy in her acceptance of the verdict, even citing UK star Cher Lloyd, who finished fourth in The X Factor, but has a legit career ahead.

The Updated Rankings

4. Fifth Harmony

3. Emblem3

2. Carly Rose Sonnenclar

1. Tate Stevens


1. What did you think of that Ke$ha performance?

2. Are you sold on Fifth Harmony's harmonizing?

3. What does Carly Rose need to do to regain the #1 ranking?

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1 - I wasn't able to 'think'...or eat my launch at the time..
2 - it wasn't? I thought the harmony "issue" was a lack of more crappy words from LA at that moment

3 - fired Britney!!!!! or she will be singing "Oops!..I Did It Again" or "baby one more time something" at the finals.... Carly, just watch how LEONA LEWIS won the x-factor... is simple, in your case of course...
GO TATE!! Bye bye Cece *happy dance*
Emblem3 ftw!
I don't know how they are going to break into the top 2 given the strength of Tate Nation / Carly Rose Nation.

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