The Zoo coos over biggest baby

Seven's factual series, The Zoo, which follows everyday life at Taronga Zoo, will reveal one of the best-documented elephant births ever filmed, with the delivery captured on camera.

The Zoo returns with incredible footage of the births of baby elephants at Melbourne Zoo and Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

Taronga has had its fair share of special arrivals this year, including Kambiri the baby pygmy hippopotamus and world-famous baby elephant Pathi Harn aka Mr Shuffles, as well as the first female baby elephant Tukta born in Sydney in November.

Not being left out, Melbourne Zoo welcomed its second baby elephant in September -- a male named Ongard who joins 11-month old half-sister Mali as the first elephant births in the zoo's 148-year history.

Hosted by The Zoo's Melissa Doyle, the cameras get up close and personal with staff as they tackle the substantial delivery, giving viewers incredible details of the iconic birth.

"It's a baby boom! There is nothing cuter than the sight of a huge wobbly newborn elephant. And now Melbourne welcomes another one to the family," Melissa Doyle said. "The footage we have captured of the birth of little Ongard is breathtaking -- it will make you cry, cheer and marvel at Mother Nature."

Ongard's arrival was a "difficult and anxious three-day labour", which The Zoo: Australia's Biggest Baby explores through mother Kulab's emotional and physical journey during the delivery.

The special also provides an insight into the way elephants communicate with each other and how endearing yet hilarious a baby elephant can be.

"It really is incredible that we have seen so many healthy elephant calves born in Australia of late. Aside from the joy they bring, we can't lose sight of how important Australia's breeding program is," added Doyle.

The Zoo: Australia's Biggest Baby premieres 7:30pm Wednesday, November 24, on Seven.

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