There's More Lost On the Way

Hey you, Lost fan who's on your 64th viewing of the series. We know you've preordered the Season 6 DVD set and will be camped out ready to greet the UPS man on August 24. So here's some good news: The DVD set will allow you to do more than simply watch "The End" over and over again. That's because the there will be a dozen minutes of shiny new Lost footage on that sucker.

The 12 minutes come in the form of a "new chapter," according to the product description. But that new chapter now has some details: It's titled "The New Man in Charge" and stars Michael Emerson (Ben) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley) as the new overlords of the island post-Jack's eye closing, according to io9.

Of the new short (photo above), Emerson tells Entertainment Weekly that "Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down. There are some good surprises. It does answer some questions."

But probably not all 5,826 questions.

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