There's No New Fringe This Week, So Watch This Promo Instead

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There will be no new Fringe tonight, at least in our universe, as Fox is airing the NAACP Image Awards instead. But fear not, Fringe fanatics. The network has released a new 90-second promo for the series, and while it's not exactly forty-something minutes of sci-fi-tinged emotional drama that splits both your brain and heart in half, it does examine the show's theme that everything is relative.

Nice work there, Fox publicity department. It's great to see Fox pumping these out, because promos are a clear sign that the network really does like the show, and they give the series that much more of a chance to be renewed. Personally, I think it will be back.

In other Fringe news, Entertainment Weekly has discovered a cool little nugget of info: Lost's Hurley, Jorge Garcia, will be guest-starring in next week's episode.

With the week off, you all will have plenty of time to work on your Fringe theories. What do you expect from the rest of the season? Jeff Jensen, EW's man-who-unhealthily-picked-apart-Lost, is predicting a heroic death for Walter. Yikes! I love the boldness of such speculation, but Walter Bishop is an iconic TV character. The producers are trying to save the show, I don't think walking into Fox-boss Kevin Reilly's office and saying, "We're going to kill off the show's most popular character. Renew us!" is good business strategy. You?

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