Theroux gets to the point

British journalist Louis Theroux is back on Channel Seven next week with another series of documentaries that show why he is so fearless.

Theroux frequently films in the US, as something of an outsider looking in. With subjects that are always controversial, his access to subjects is impressive indeed.

Theroux has a knack for asking probing questions and allowing his subjects to dig themselves into a deeper hole. So far he's taken us inside San Quentin Prison, the extreme Westboro Baptist Church, and pressed Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson with deeply personal questions that Jackson terminated the interview. He even went under the knife himself during a story on plastic surgery.

Next week Theroux interviews self-branded racists in Los Angeles. He travels to Fallbrook, a small town half an hour outside San Diego, to meet Tom Metzger and his family. Tom was a Grand Dragon of the KKK in the seventies.

He also meets an Aryan housewife whose children warble racist sing-song tunes to gatherings of skinheads and Nazi supporters. It's chilling stuff, especially when his subjects ask him if he is Jewish. But Louis doesn't back down.

Despite the fact that the doco was filmed in 2003 it is a first run in Australia, and Seven says it has picked up Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends series 1, 2 and 3 plus other specials he has done in recent years.

Seven will also be getting Theroux's four new specials next year.

Louis Theroux and the Nazis airs 11pm Monday on Seven.

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