Third time's a charm for Rescue: Special Ops?

After a weak start to the second season, Nine has renewed Rescue: Special Ops for a third season.

The series had picked up more viewers as it progressed, but had still been battered by the MasterChef Australia behemoth.

According to Nine, the new series will comprise of a mammoth 22 episodes that will start filming in and around Sydney.

Les Hill, who plays team leader Dean Gallagher, said "I'm incredibly excited about season three of Rescue."

So are we Les, so are we.

Peter Phelps, Libby Tanner, Gigi Edgley, Katherine Hicks, Les Hill, Andrew Lees and Daniel Amalm will all return for the third season.

Are you enjoying the second season of Rescue: Special Ops?

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Jul 26, 2010
Is it me or have the female creators of this show (Sarah Smith and Julie McGauran) turned this show into a soapie. The Rescue element of the show is decent enough but the constant bickering amongst the characters as to who is hooking up with who really is bogging down the show a fair bit.

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