This fall's Simpsons guest stars

This fall season, The Simpsons will be joined by a star-studded roster of guest voices, including Alec Baldwin, Dennis Rodman, Terry Bradshaw, and more. Kelsey Grammer will return to the show in his recurring role as the menacing Sideshow Bob.

Baldwin, who played himself in a prior episode of the show, will return in the season premiere as manatee-saving marine biologist Caleb Thorn, who attempts to steal Marge's heart after she leaves Homer for the umpteenth time. Her latest reason: Homer allows Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna) to shoot an adult movie in the Simpsons' living room as payment for a gambling debt.

Dennis Rodman and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw will join forces in the annual "Tree House of Horror" Halloween episode, in which they will play themselves and, according to Fox, "stir up tricks and treats." For unexplained reasons, the episode will air on Sunday, November 6, instead of on the Sunday before Halloween.

Fox has given no details on other upcoming episodes. Additional guest voices will include names such as William H. Macy, Lily Tomlin, Frances McDormand, Yankee pitcher Randy Johnson, and The Office creator Ricky Gervais, who wrote the episode he will appear in. Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) will also return to The Simpsons, delighting spinster sisters Patty and Selma.

The Simpsons makes its fall debut on Sunday, September 11, along with The War at Home, Family Guy, and American Dad!

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