This Is the Craziest Duet You Will Ever Watch

Judging from this video, the Philippines has way more talent than we do.


... The Conan O'Brien-Justin Bieber war wages on. We're still with you, Coco.

... The Glee cast rocked the White House. Man, they lead a charmed life.

... When all else fails, these ten characters make TV watchable with their endlessly hilarious zingers.

... The Washington Post's 4th Annual Peeps Show brought out the best in Peeps art. If you don't think that people can excel in Peeps art, you have not seen #21 and #35.

... These shows are in danger! SOS!

... Five years ago, Chris Rock predicted that Conan would make Jay mad. I guess you become a sage when you're in a movie about God?

... Is President Obama to blame for the death of 24?

... Coming to a Hot Topic T-shirt near you: Arrested Development and Star Wars, together!

... Here's an interview with Michael Emerson, the man behind everyone's favorite Peanuts-named Lost character.

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That was actually kind of impressive
Heh, that was impressive
ha ha! I couldn't watch the whole video, but he/she has talent. :) Did I miss something with the 10 most quotable characters? I only saw pictures. I'd rather read their best lines. Love the Good Night Moon peep diorama.

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