This Is Your Life resurrected

Set to be filmed at Melbourne's Crown Casino, Channel Nine will up the ante of the biographical program, promising international celebrity guests as well as a new host for the show's return.

Expect big theatrical sets, high-profile musical acts and a live studio audience when the revamped version of This Is Your Life premieres in 2011.

Eddie McGuire will take over the show from Mike Munro, who hosted the program's previous incarnation from 1995-2008. A stalwart at Nine, McGuire has plenty of experience in the light entertainment genre, including Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, The AFL Footy Show and 1 vs. 100.

Executive Producer Adrian Dellevergin gushed about the show, "The brand new series of This Is Your Life will be an entertaining show filled with laughter, tears and surprises"

"We will adopt a whole new look as we celebrate the lives of our most treasured and admired Australians. We're taking a much-loved format out of its studio setting and turning it into major event television."

The revival of the show will focus on the lives and achievements of well-known Australians from diverse fields such as entertainment, music, sports. Over 400 of the nation's celebrities have featured on the program in its most recent incarnation.

This Is Your Life will return to the Nine Network in 2011.

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Nov 18, 2010
Ugh, stop! Stop it! Have we learned NOTHING from Hey Hey It's Saturday?

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