This vs. That: Elementary or Sherlock?

Somehow it's been nearly four months since we last convened for a game of's "This vs. That," where we pit two things against one another and you vote on which one should win... in whatever context you choose. Oops! I blame all the new TV that's been keeping everyone so busy lately. Regardless, it's time for the first match-up of 2014, one that's far from elementary, my dear readers—err, at least in one sense of the word. This pairing's been a long time coming, but now that Elementary's had plenty of time to come into its own and Sherlock is finally back on our TV screens after more than a year away, it's time to finally answer the question of who does a better Doyle. And thus, the poll is afoot:

Show your work in the comments!

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Ed. note: If there's a specific battle you'd like to see, send it via PM to TVcom_editorial, via Twitter to @tvdotcom, or via email to (And thanks to those of you who've already submitted ideas!)

Psst! If you've already seen the end of Sherlock Season 3, please be a pal and avoid spoilers in the comments. 

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