This vs. That: Teen Wolf or True Blood?

LOL remember when I said I was going to post one of these every few days? Oops. Anyway, now that Upfronts and finales and Memorial Day fun are all behind us, let's get back on the "This vs. That" train, shall we? Lord knows there isn't much else to do while we wait for summer TV to really start. 

New to the game? It's simple: We pit two things against one another and you vote on which one should win... in whatever context you choose.

So with the 2013 Monsters of Summer Tour featuring Teen Wolf and True Blood about begin, we bring you this delightful match-up geniusly suggested by commenter Montana_Katana:

Feel free to show your work in the comments!

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Ed. note: We'll try to post new match-ups every few days; if there's a specific battle you'd like to see, send it via PM to TVcom_editorial, via Twitter to @tvdotcom, or via email to (And thanks to those of you who've already submitted ideas!)

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