This Weekend's Episode of Family Guy Has Been Pulled Due to Weather

... Family Guy (or any other Seth MacFarlane cartoon for that matter) isn't known for its sensitivity, but this week it's taking people's feelings into account. In light of the tornadoes that have devastated the South this week, Fox is pulling a pre-planned crossover event between Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show that features a hurricane ripping through all three shows. The new episodes will be replaced by repeats, and the crossover event will instead air next season. [THR]

... The most mysterious show in development right now is Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, the details of which have yet to be divulged. But at least we know who is going to be in it: Friday Night Lights hottie Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, and now, Dylan McDermott. McDermott has landed the male lead, a therapist. So we know there's a therapist in it. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Kelsey Grammer is a long way away from his sitcom domination days of Cheers and Frasier, but USA Network hopes he still has the goods. The cable network has purchased The Dicocco Brothers, which is produced by—but does not star—Grammer. The show is about a dot-com entrepreneur who moves to Silicon Valley with his New Jersey family. Elsewhere, Grammer is scheduled to star in Starz's comedy Boss, about a Chicago mayor. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Remember that hot rom-com show Love Bites, the one that was in development at NBC? It's not dead. In fact, it's found a place on the network's schedule—June 2! (Yes, it's being thrown away in the summer.) But because so much time has passed since the show was actually filmed and all the actors' contracts have exploded in a fiery mess, the chances of this actually going beyond whatever number of episodes it has already shot are slim to none, with no chance of slim. [Zap2It]

... The X Factor judging news: Some guy named Corbin Bleu is rumored to be in talks to join the show. Will they please just pick a frickin' judge so I don't have to write these things up anymore? [EW]

... And finally, you know you want to hear about NFL Draft ratings. Last year, ESPN aired the player picks during primetime, with great results: a 5.3 rating and 7.29 million viewers on average. This year, with the player lockout looming over the proceedings and the beginning of May sweeps happening on the networks, the NFL Draft was down to a 4.4 and about 6 million viewers on average. Well, that's all the proof I need, the NFL is going out of business! Time to start following the WNBA! [Adweek]

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