Thundercats to claw at big screen

With the buzz around the upcoming Transformers movie in full swing, Hollywood is scrambling to get other 1980s kiddy properties in the production pipeline.

Transformers is being released by Dreamworks and Paramount early next month, Warner Bros. revealed that it is working on a live-action version of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and now, another fond childhood memory is getting prepped for the silver screen.

Warner Bros. has optioned a script based on Thundercats, the 1980s afternoon cartoon featuring cat-like humanoids battling an evil sorcerer in a futuristic sci-fi setting, says Variety. The program saw the man-kitties flee their unstable home of Thundera for safer ground, fight for peace under the guidance of their leader Lion-O, and utter their trademark rally call, "Thundercats...Hoooooooooo!"

The script, penned by Paul Sopocy, will uncover the origin of the Thundercats and their nemeses, with much of the focus on Lion-O. Like other recent film projects based on animated properties, the Thundercats movie will be live action. No time frame has been set for the film's release.

Thundercats premiered in early 1985 and concluded in late 1986 after more than 100 episodes. For more information on Thundercats, see's previous coverage.

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