Tim Roth is a Pimp

Here's Lie to Me's Tim Roth, pimping out bros for bros... in front of the local Wienerschnitzel.

This pug is either really excited about Comic-Con or actually needs help from Batman. Either way, it'd be awesome if his eyes could beam the bat signal. He'd look cute in a cape too. Just sayin'.

Yeah, yeah, we've all heard the men's one-liners, but the Mad Men ladies are just at good at slingin' zingers.


... In anticipation of the mob scene that will no doubt turn out for Comic-Con this weekend, i09 went ahead and listed the scariest mobs in history.

... Zack Galifianakis + Terry Richardson = wine helmet.

... Um, yes! Jon Hamm on The Simpsons?! Maybe he can sell us on the series all over again!

... Some people were born to be on TV. Here are some actors with two classic roles already under their belts.

... Look! It’s Katie Holmes as Jackie O. Who does little Suri get to be?

... Celebrity Rehab shares this season's list of new hopefuls.

...Here's a list of the most awesome ladies of science fiction. Barbarella on the list? Check. Okay, it's legit.

... This interview shows Bill Murray in all of his glory, complete with a rad Dan Clowes portrait!

... Two funny men. Two beards. Adam Scott and Paul Rudd talk facial hair, while my heart goes pitter-pat.

... Channel your inner ad man and try to sell BP to win a complete set of Mad Men Barbie Dolls!

... We all know Judd Apatow is pretty much a casting genius, considering that all these kids from Freaks and Geeks turned out to be megastars. Sigh, James Franco.

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