TiVo comes to your Internet

TiVo, the company whose digital video recorder revolutionized television-viewing by allowing viewers to skip through commercials, is getting ready to test another groundbreaking concept. The company has reached an agreement with the Independent Film Channel that will give TiVo subscribers the ability to download programming via the Internet directly onto their TiVo set-top box.

The shows will bypass the standard cable and broadcast pathway, and could be a glimpse into the future of content delivery. In an added bonus, TiVo subscribers could get shows before they even air.

When TiVo was released it made a splash by allowing viewers more control over their television-watching experience. Finally, viewers could watch shows whenever they wanted, fast-forward through commercials, and pause live TV. TiVo also was pioneered the concept of "season passes," which allowed the subscriber to tell the system to record a program every time it aired.

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  • 10:00 pm