TNT adds Time Heals, The Line

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Everyone knows that cable television is the place to go for quality these days, and TNT is hoping to keep that notion up. The cable network, which is home to critically praised original programs such as Saving Grace and The Closer, is adding two more to its growing brood.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Matrix trilogy actress (well just the last two crappy ones, actually) and wife of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, will headline the medical drama Time Heals. Smith will play the director of nursing at a Charlotte hospital who battles all sorts of red tape and business executives to make sure everyone gets the care they need. And just like every other drama centered around a strong female personality, she struggles to deal with the hardships of maintaining her home life and her professional life. Heartwarming, indeed.

In The Line, The Practice's Dylan McDermott plays the head of an undercover police unit that is waaaaaay undercover. His team is rounded out with a cop who struggles with his personal relationships, a rookie undercover female cop, and one of those "doesn't play by the book" type of characters. Watch it, or the Sarge will have your badge, pal!

Both shows are scheduled for a 10-episode debut season, due out later this year.

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