TNT dumps Trust Me

Since basic cable has risen to become legitimate networks, TNT has become a model for others looking to give original programs a shot. The ad-supported cable network has shown that it can play with the big boys by launching several hits, including The Closer and Saving Grace.

But TNT isn't perfect, and today it opted not to renew its newest original program Trust Me. The show, about a pair of buddies (Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack) who work at an advertising company, has been a disappointment in the ratings department. The show just wrapped up its first season and averaged only 1.4 million viewers.

"It achieved creative success," TNT's Michael Wright told The New York Times, "it just didn't find an audience."

Hopes were high for Trust Me, and was thus heavily promoted. However, a pair shows with lower expectations, Leverage and Raising the Bar, performed much better than Trust Me and were both renewed.

Will you miss Trust Me?

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