News Briefs: TNT Is Checking Out a TV Series Based on the Librarian Films

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... Does anything say nail-biting excitement like a librarian? TNT thinks so. The network is oh-so-close to ordering a 10-episode series based on the straight-to-TV film franchise The Librarian. The series of films, which also aired on TNT, is more akin to the Indiana Jones trilogy (I refuse to accept that The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ever happened) than it is to filing things via the Dewey Decimal System; it stars Noah Wylie (Falling Skies) as a dashing hero who collects ancient artifacts for the library-slash-museum he works for. The new series is tentatively called The Librarians and would follow a quartet of regular guys and/or gals with special talents who trot around the globe collecting old trinkets and fighting ancient conspiracies. Wylie will make appearances in the series as the O.G. librarian Flynn Carsen, at least until Falling Skies gets canceled. [TV Line]


... According to Procera Networks—which tracked internet usage for three different internet providers over President's Day weekend—roughly two percent of Netflix's 44 million subscribers watched the entire second season of House of Cards in two or three days. According to Kaitlin Thomas, a self-proclaimed expert on lots of things, two percent of Netflix's subscribers were smelly, malnourished, sleep deprived, and probably very intolerable by Monday morning. [Variety]

... The Hub is actively trying to get me to pay attention to it and I'm not giving in except I might give in because Sister, Sister reruns will now be airing on the network every weekday from 7pm to 8pm Eastern/4pm to 5pm Pacific, starting Monday, March 3. [The Hub via press release]

... Hey you know that YouTube video posted by Olympic luger Kate Hansen showing a wolf wandering the halls of her Sochi hotel? It was another Jimmy Kimmel prank. The two will discuss it tonight. This isn't the first time Kimmel has fooled a nation. He was also responsible for the flaming twerking girl video that went viral late last year. [Mediaite]

... TLC has picked up Return to Amish, a Breaking Amish spin-off series that will continue to follow the lives of the five men and women of the original series who left their sheltered Amish and Mennonite lifestyle behind o experience the sex, drugs, and roll and roll of New York City. The six hour-long episodes will premiere in June 2014, so make sure to remember to pretend to care unless you really care in which case just remember? [TLC via press release]

... I know a lot of people think of Judd Apatow as a movie guy, but he's not, okay? TV had him first (that might not be accurate), and now he's being honored by the Paley Center for Media, which will present him with the 2014 PaleyFest Icon Award. Apatow's TV work includes The Ben Stiller Show, The Larry Sanders Show, Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and Girls, so suck it, movies! He'll receive the award on Monday, March 10 at a celebration that will mark the beginning of the annual PaleyFest celebration[Paley Center for Media via press release]


... Elisha Cuthbert has signed on to star opposite Nick Zano in NBC's new comedy pilot One Big Happy—which, despite having the world "happy" in the title, is not a Happy Endings reunion show (sigh). The pilot tells the story of life-long platonic best friends Lizzy (Cuthbert) and Luke (Zano), who've been trying to have a baby via artificial insemination. Everything's going great and Lizzy gets pregnant... just as Luke meets the love of his life and marries her on a whim. Lizzy's a lesbian, so don't expect there to be an "OMG! I love Josh!" moment, but that doesn't mean she's all that happy with Luke's spontaneous decision. [Deadline]

... Morena Baccarin, who if you're cool is from Homeland, if you're cooler is from Firefly, and if you're the coolest is from V, is joining ABC's medical drama pilot The Warriors. She'll play a woman who's returned from Afghanistan and works at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center. [TV Line]

... Guys!!!!!!! Someone is reading my diary, because Barry Sloane has been cast in a new ABC pilot. I know this doesn't actually mean that Aiden is a goner on Revenge—it's just a pilot, after all—but a girl can dream, right? Anyway, Sloane has joined The Visitors, ABC's attempt to cash in on the rising popularity of science-fiction and fantasy shows. Based on Ray Bradbury's Zero Hour, the drama is a race against the clock to stop an alien threat from destroying Earth. Sloane will play Wes, a former FBI agent who is now working for the Special Projects Division of the Defense department and stumbles upon the news that we're not alone. And that's not even all the casting The Visitors did today: Milo Ventimiglia, a.k.a. Heroes' Peter Petrelli, will play a mysterious man who speaks a strange language and is covered in weird body art and is NOT a vagrant on Venice Beach. [TV Line / TV Line]

... Susan Sarandon is returning to CBS's Mike & Molly later this season as J.C. Small, Molly's favorite author. And this is your friendly reminder that Mike & Molly is still on TV and that Melissa McCarthy won an Emmy for the role. [TV Guide]

... Sarah Ramos is returning to NBC's Parenthood for the Season 5 finale. Ramos portrayed Haddie—Adam and Kristina Braverman's eldest childefor three seasons before the character transitioned to college and dropped off the face of the planet. Okay, she appeared a few times during Kristina's cancer arc in Season 4, but she hasn't been seen since. But none of this tells me when Matt Lauria's Ryan is coming back, so booooo. [TV Line]

... Oh look! News about when Matt Lauria's Ryan is coming back to Parenthood! I take back that booooo. He'll return for the season's penultimate episode and there's also a chance he'll appear in the finale. But that's not all, we'll also meet Ryan's mother, who I feel confident in saying isn't really that great of a person. She drinks heavily and has never really been present in Ryan's life. [TV Line]

... Krysten Ritter, the B--- in Apartment 23 and Jessie Pinkman's druggie girlfriend, is out of this world! Well, she's trying to be. She'll star in Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's NBC comedy pilot Mission Control, about a female astronaut in the space race of the 1960s. It's Anchorman in space, basically. [TV Line

... Greek's Amber Stevens has signed on to star opposite Romany Malco (Weeds) in Kevin Hart's new comedy series Keep It Together. The semi-autobiographical series follows a couple (Malco and an yet-to-be-cast lady person) after they get a divorce. Stevens will play Mircea, Malco's new live-in girlfriend. Hart will also appear in the series, in a recurring role. [Deadline]

... Sherry Stringfield (ER) has joined the cast of Under the Dome for Season 2. She'll play Pauline, "a mysterious woman who may be connected to the origins of the dome." [TV Guide]

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