TNT Makes Its Closer Spin-off Official

... TBS and TNT also staged Upfront presentations this week, and the big news from the two sister stations was TNT's pickup of the rumored spin-off of The Closer. With The Closer closing things for good, actress Mary McDonnell, who played Captain Raydor on the show, will break off and star in Major Crimes. No premiere date has been set. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Olivia Munn has put the failed NBC rom-com Perfect Couples behind her (I wish I could say the same thing!) and will next be seen in HBO's More as the Story Develops. The show, from Aaron Sorkin, is a look at a 24-hour cable news station. [EW]

... Syfy continues to nurture its relationship with Canada, thanks to the pickup of Canuck series Lost Girl. The supernatural drama features a woman who discovers she's a demon that feeds on sexual energy. Ooh la la! Lost Girl ended its first season in December but has been renewed for a second. [EW]

... Breaking In was canceled by Fox last week, but fans held out hope after news reports said the show might not be totally dead because Fox had moved it into its comedy block. The thinking was that if Breaking In performed well in the new time slot, it would stand a chance at getting revived. Well, the ratings are in, and the show did... terribly. Close the book on this one. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Those lovable youths from Jersey Shore are in Italy filming the show's fourth season, and now we know what their "job" will be while they're there: working in a pizza parlor, duh. Their presence has already created a pizza-chain war, as a rival pie joint is already calling them uncultured idiots. They be hatin' 'cuz they jealous of the Situation's abs, yo. [NY Post]

... The CW has passed on four of its projects, including sister-fight during the zombie apocalypse Awakening. Bummer! Also dead are Heavenly, Cooper and Stone, and Danni Lowinski. [Deadline Hollywood]

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