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TNT Renews Leverage for Season 5

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Big shots taking advantage of the little guys had better watch their backs for another year! TNT renewed its light caper drama (as the network calls it) Leverage for a fifth season, today, a few weeks in advance of the Season 4 summer finale. Season 5, due to launch next summer, will comprise fifteen episodes of hacking, smacking, and, uhhh, macking?

Season 4, which TNT has shamelessly boasted is the series' "best season yet!!!!," has performed well for the network, bumping up its average audience to 4.8 million viewers. It's not very common for a series to see its audience grow, but Leverage's is doing just that. Probably because everyone is unemployed and appreciative of stories about a ragtag group of specialists getting back at the corporations and fat cats who screw little guys over. Or maybe it's because of the show's jazzy soundtrack. Or maybe it's because Parker (Beth Riesgraf) is adorable and looks damn hot in her slinky cat-burglar outfits.

The Leverage renewal comes on the heels of a flurry of cable re-ups, including True Blood, Suits, Warehouse 13, and In Plain Sight. Congratulations to Leverage, a show I've always respected even though I only tune on occasion.

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