TNT's Dallas Relaunch is a Go

... Yehaw! TNT is moving forward with its Texas-sized Dallas reboot, a new look at the classic primetime soap that was a ratings monster for CBS in the late-'70s and '80s. As previously reported, the drama will focus on a new generation of rich and saucy Texans and star Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo, Josh Henderson, and Jesse Metcalfe as they battle an alien invasion. Wait, I think I'm getting my TNT series mixed up. TNT will air a sneak preview of the new Dallas on Monday, July 11 during The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles, if you're interested. [TNT, via press release]

... Fox has already delayed the start of Terra Nova; will it also cut the big-budget show's episode order? TV Guide says the series' special effects are so costly that Fox might end up only ordering 13 episodes for Season 1. OR! Maybe they'll just put a guy in a dinosaur suit like I suggested in the first place! [TV Guide]


... Game of Thrones has cast Brienne of Tarth, one of the series' best characters. She's a giant she-beast of a woman who is uglier than a horse's patoot, and it seems producers have managed to find a pretty good fit for her in 6'3" actress Gwendoline Christie. The show will have to really ugly her up, though. [George RR Martin's blog]

... Damon Wayans Jr.'s character in Fox's upcoming The New Girl has been recast. BET's Lamorne Morris will take over for Wayans, who will stay put on ABC's renewed-for-a-second-season Happy Endings. The New Girl pilot won't be reshot; instead, the show will just forget Wayans' character ever existed and introduce Morris' character in the second episode. Feel free to vent your racist conspiracy theories in the comments section below. And please, someone say what we're all thinking. I'll give you a cookie. [THR]

... Jason Sudeikis will join HBO's goofy comedy Eastbound & Down in a recurring role as a friend to Kenny Powers (Danny "Overrated" McBride). [Variety]

... Lone Star wonderboy James Wolk has signed on for a multi-episode arc on Showtime's Shameless. He'll play an investment banker who "makes a connection" with Fiona (Emily Rossum). And by "connection," I believe the show means "F$%&ing; on the kitchen floor." [TV Line]

... Off the Map's Rachelle Lefevre is sticking with the doctor thing and will be a regular on CBS' medical drama A Gifted Man. A lot of other sites are selling this piece of news by mentioning she was in Twilight, but I'm not gonna do that. Oh crap, I just did. DAMN YOU, TWILIGHT! [EW]

... Supernatural's Alona Tal (she played my girlfriend, Jo) will appear on FX's superhero cop show Powers, according to the actress. It's unclear what role she'll take. Gross fact: The fourth phrase to come up in Google's predictive search when you look up Alona Tal's name is "Alona Tal feet." You guys disgust me. [Digital Spy]


... CBS faked fireworks for its broadcast of Boston's Fourth of July extravaganza. That's treason, CBS. Go back to Russia! [Boston Globe]

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