Today's Picks: Diddy, James Lipton, and Sex

Welcome back to reality (shows), Diddy!

Inside the Actor's Studio (7 p.m., BRAVO): The immortal James Lipton (he's 82!) soldiers on with Actor's Studio, now in its 15th year. BRAVO is re-airing Lipton's conversation with Judd Apatow, whose latest flick, Funny People, premieres on July 31. Want to know Apatow's favorite curse word? Find out at the end of the interview -- Lipton always rounds them out with Bernard Pivot's entertaining questionnaire.

The Bachelorette (8 p.m., ABC): Finally, the finale! Jillian must choose between Ed, who couldn't get it up on their overnight date, and Kiptyn, who might already be the next Bachelor. Sounds like it'll be awkward -- in the very best way.

Sex in '69: The Sexual Revolution in America (9 p.m., HIST): '69 was a big year for sex, and not just because of the number. The History Channel investigates the people, events, and ideas that emerged during that time -- and changed the way Americans think about sex for good. The doc covers everything from the Playboy Mansion to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, so slip into something more comfortable and tune in.

Making His Band (10 p.m., MTV): Diddy's back in the band-making business -- only this time, he's keeping the talent for himself. The Artist Formerly Known As Puff Daddy is using this new reality show to find back-up for his upcoming "Last Train to Paris" tour -- and contestants must keep on movin' if they want to win a spot.

M*A*S*H (10 p.m., TVLAND): Start the week off right with a little blast (no pun intended) from the past -- TVLAND is airing a M*A*S*H mini-marathon. Included in the mix is a two-parter, "Comrades in Arms," which actor Alan Alda wrote and directed with Burt Metcalfe.

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Jul 27, 2009
I love "Inside the Actors Studio", but Judd Apatow?? Meh.

I can't believe Lipton is 82!