Tom Green back on TV...sort of

It's the ultimate in slacker-vision: Canadian yukster Tom Green will host a talk show from his living room.

Green has inked a deal with Denver-based startup to host 50 one-hour episodes of Tom Green Live, broadcast on the Web from his house in the Hollywood Hills. The show will be broadcast both on ManiaTV's site and Green's personal site beginning on June 15.

"It seemed like the ultimate playground for someone like me," Green said in a statement. "I've always enjoyed doing goofy experimental stuff that sometimes was too weird to put on a TV show but was fun artistically."

ManiaTV's vice president of programming, Richard Ayoub, said Green was attracted to the deal because ManiaTV is giving the comedian full creative control.

"That's what we can give him that MTV never could," said Ayoub.

Tom Green became a hit in the '90s with his self-titled MTV talk show, which featured the comedian pulling pranks on unsuspecting participants. He later married, and divorced, actress Drew Barrymore.

In 2000, Green publicly announced he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, and went on to broadcast graphic footage of his surgery in an MTV special.

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Oct 04, 2006
Tom Green owns your faces off. True story.
Jun 06, 2006
I am sure this will be short-lived; TG = MORON.
Jun 05, 2006
he's just a weird dude. never quite got him, tho it was highly entertaining when he was married to drew.

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