Tom Selleck Beat Up Jimmy Smits on Friday

... In the battle of the Friday-night shows-featuring-middle-aged actor comebacks, Tom Selleck's Blue Bloods totally kicked Jimmy Smits' Outlaw's ass. Long live the mustache! [THR]

... Lost's Jorge Garcia will be guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother this season as the mother an old college friend of Marshall, Lily, and Ted's. I hope he's as pretentious as Karen! [Digital Spy]

... Sad news. Starz might re-cast the lead role in Spartacus since series star Andy Whitfield has recently resumed treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma. The network is also thinking about re-focusing the show on a new central character or even canceling it, should they not find a replacement. [THR]

... Glee has cast Darren Criss to play yet another new male character, which means he's probably going to play Kurt's new boyfriend or whatever. I don't even remember who was originally on this show anymore. [Watch with Kristen]

... I feel like I already knew this, but Max Weinberg is not going to be the leader of the house band on Conan O'Brien's new TBS show. Maybe Weinberg and Kevin Eubanks are forming their own group?[THR]

... You've probably heard by now that NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker finally ended his reign of horrible-programming terror and stepped down. But you may not have heard that COO Steve Burke is replacing him! I hope this guy doesn't have as big a man-crush on Jay Leno as Zucker did. Sheesh. [THR

... Summer Glau is heading to Chuck to play... a Greta! Sweet.[Ausiello]

... If you have a lot of kids and a happy marriage, do not agree to do a reality show on TLC. If you do, your marriage will end, as illustrated by the news that the Raising Sextuplets parents are separating. [THR]

... Lauren Conrad's new MTV reality show is going to be about—wait for it—Lauren Conrad. Who did you think it was going to be about, Speidi? Girl, please. [MTV News]

... Hilary Duff is going to guest-star on Community when the show pays tribute to Mean Girls. I think this means I like Duff a little more and Community a little less. [Ausiello]

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