Tomorrow When the War Began Q&A: Ashleigh Cummings and Andy Ryan

Andy Ryan (The Jesters) and Ashleigh Cummings (Home and Away) had a quick chat with about making the new Australian movie, Tomorrow When the War Began.

Ashleigh Cummings and Andy Ryan speak to about their roles as Robyn Mathers and Chris Lang in the film Tomorrow When the War Began. How would you promote the film to cinema-goers who may not be fans of John Marsden's book series?

Andy Ryan: It's a cool teenage action flick. I think that's the thing that hit me when I saw it. "Ah, cool I'm in an action film!" And when I was shooting it, it felt like a drama or something. But it’s an action flick!

Ashleigh Cummings: There are so many levels and facets; you've got action, it's character driven, there are so many messages, there's comedy, drama -- there's really so much to it. Did you feel under a great deal of pressure, adapting such a well-loved series of books for the screen?

Andy: I hadn't read the books, but have read them since shooting. I didn't really feel any pressure -- maybe a little bit.

Ashleigh: I did, because I was a huge fan. They were my first taste of Australia and the books meant a lot to me. Stuart was very good in explaining what the books were communicating, and then messages and morals that John Marsden was putting into them. We weren’t worrying about who had freckles, or who had what colour hair. How did the cast bond during the making of the film?

Andy: We all get along very well, right from the start, it's a no-brainer. How did you feel your characters develop during the course of the movie?

Ashleigh: It was a huge trial. I don't think we know if the character's transformation was a good one. But there are a couple of moments when she really questions her belief. I don't think it’s a representation of religion, but it's certainly questioning belief and things that people become comfortable with.

Andy: I've done stand-up comedy, and Stu [Stuart Beattie, director of Tomorrow When the War Began] just wrote a gem of a role for me. I hope he does become sensible, and we do see at the end where the character rises to the occasion and becomes more streetwise.

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Tomorrow When the War Began is released in Australia on September 2.

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