Tomorrow's Episode of Glee is Going to be Epic

And not in an OMGBRITNEY! kind of way.

Here is a mashup of Glenn Beck and Donald Duck. You're welcome!

I wish I could hang out with Lie to Me's Brendan Hines and Hayley MacFarland.


... Glasses-free 3D TV is no longer a thing of the future. Whoa.

... Here's a preview clip for A&E;'s new series, Breakout Kings, about a group of US Marshals who try to capture escaped prisoners.

... Can you believe that Peanuts is 60 years old and The Andy Griffith Show is 50 years old? That's a lot of old.

... Joey Fatone wants Glee to do an *NSYNC episode. I wholeheartedly concur.

... According to The Wall Street Journal, the most important episode of a new show is the second one.

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