Tonight's Alternatives To Sky Atlantic

With billboards across the country and coverage across the press it’s been almost impossible to avoid the Sky Atlantic hype. Today, as the subscription channel finally launches, it’s inevitably going to get harder. If you’re not a Sky TV customer, this may get a little tedious as you can’t actually watch any of the shows they’re promoting. Not even on Virgin. To help you evade Sky Atlantic envy we’ve compiled this alternative viewing schedule, outlining what else you can watch tonight. There’s plenty of good stuff included!


No Ordinary Family (Watch)
The American superhero drama continues into its fifth episode, in which Jim (Michael Chiklis) goes to the rescue of an earthquake victim.

Snog, Marry, Avoid? (BBC Three)
Mock all you like! This guilty pleasure is now in its fourth season. In tonight’s episode POD attempts to give a female cage wrestler a make-under.

Scrubs (Comedy Central)
Comedy Central gives you another chance to watch the first two episodes of season 8 this evening. Expect lots of dream sequences with guest star Courtney Cox.


The Vampire Diaries (ITV2)
After what seems like a very long wait, Damon and the gang are finally back from their mid-season hiatus. We were left on a cliffhanger when we last saw them, the impacts of which can be seen on ITV2 tonight.

My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings (Channel 4)
The dresses in this show are something to behold! Last week we saw a woman get married in a meringue-like dress which lit up, this week we follow the lives of more British and Irish travellers.

90210 (E4)
Silver, Naomi and Adrianna devise a plan to prove that Naomi was raped by Mr. Cannon, as the third series continues. Meanwhile, Teddy and Ian are punished for fighting.

Silent Witness (BBC One)
A tragic secret is revealed in tonight’s Silent Witness season finale. Will it be more shocking than Harry’s pretend death earlier this series? You’ll have to watch it to find out.


Secret Diary of a Call Girl (ITV2)
Belle returns for her fourth and final season tonight. The debut sets the series up nicely, but to be fully prepared you should check out our Secret Diary relationship guide.

The Cleveland Show (E4)
In tonight’s double-bill Cleveland and Kendra petition for the rights of overweight people.

Shameless (Channel 4)
Romance blossoms in tonight’s episode of Shameless, in which Patty meets a new man via her job on the suicide help line. An hour later the series continues on E4 with a first-look airing of episode nine.


Family Guy (BBC Three)
Who doesn’t love late-night Family Guy? In tonight’s repeat, Peter is visited by the grim reaper after he tries to fake his own death.


Mad Men (BBC Two)
Sky Atlantic may have the rights to Mad Men’s next season, but BBC Two still want you to give it some love. The second episode of season four, in which Don contemplates spending Christmas alone, is repeated tonight as part of BBC2's quickfire run through the season.

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Feb 01, 2011
I'd rather watch the Premier League match even if it isn't 2 of the best teams. Sky will never sell this new channel to Virgin, that blows so badly.

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