Tony Almeida will be back!

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24's Tony Almeida is one of the toughest characters on television. He's been through a lot while helping Kiefer Sutherland stop terrorists on four separate days, and it looks like he'll be covering Kiefer's back at least one more time. Carlos Bernard, the actor who plays Tony, re-upped with the Fox action series for a fifth season.

Bernard will be seen in the forthcoming disaster flick, 10.5 Apocalypse. A sequel to the earthquake hit 10.5, Apocalypse promises to be more apocalyptical than the original, which was merely disastrous. It tells the story of an earthquake that hits the United States, and the resulting chaos that ensues as humanity attempts to deal with it.

Although there's no word yet on what the plot of the new season of 24 will be, the producers recently hinted that there might be a 24 movie in the works. Season five of 24 explodes onto Fox this January. What's in store for Tony this time?

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