Tony Bourdain set to cook on the tube again

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Globe-trotting, iron-gutted celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is bringing his off-kilter sensibilities and daring nature to the Travel Channel. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, premiering July 25, is a travelogue-cum-food adventure, as Bourdain continues his quest for "the perfect dining experience." Fans of his previous show, A Cook's Tour on The Food Network, already know that Bourdain will go just about anywhere and eat almost anything.

Bourdain came to fame as executive chef of New York brasserie Les Halles, during which time he wrote a smash book, Kitchen Confidential. The book, with its ribald tales of kitchen chicanery and the author's open disdain for celebrity chefs such as Emeril Lagasse, was an instant hit and branded Bourdain as the bad boy of the culinary world.

The follow-up, A Cook's Tour, cast Bourdain as the Indiana Jones of the kitchen. Bourdain traveled to exotic places around the globe and ate strange foods, such as snake hearts and poisonous fish. Along the way, he possessed the jaundiced demeanor of a cynical yet jovial New Yorker who loved to amply partake in local libations while participating in festivities with his foreign hosts.

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