Top 10 TV Weddings

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On April 29, Wills and Kate's big day will be broadcast live and watched by an estimated two billion people in dozens of countries.

It may be the reality TV event of the decade but it's not the first on-screen wedding to enrapture the masses. Here are 10 TV nuptial exchanges that made us sob, sigh longingly or scream, "Don't do it!"

10. Steve and Miranda
Sex and the City's token ginger and her beau were repulsed by the idea of a big frothy do so opted to wed tastefully in a New York public garden. This in contrast to pal Charlotte who had two huge weddings with the works.

9. Ricky and Bianca
They're one of few TV couples to tie the knot twice. Their first marriage fell apart thanks to Bianca's affair with her mum Carol's fella. There have been some big soapy hiccups for the EastEnders pair, but their second union is yet to implode.

8. Monica and Chandler
The neurotic skinny lady and the funny sweater vest man first got down and dirty at Ross's botched wedding to Emily in 1998, but didn't walk down the aisle themselves until the season seven finale. Could we have been any happier?

7. Mike and Susan
Here's another screen couple who've done the double. However, their second walk down the aisle wasn’t confirmed until the start of Desperate Housewives, season six. For months we were worried that the woman in white was in fact Mike's rebound girlfriend, Katherine.

6. Ross and Emily
The dinosaur man's second wedding was to English rose Emily. Things were going fine until Ross slipped up in the vows department. Who could forget the immortal line: "I, Ross, take thee Rachel"? Ouch.

5. Izzie and Alex
The pretty Grey's Anatomy surgeons are all hopeless romantically. So when Meredith decided she couldn't face real wedding and married Derek on a post-it note, Izzie took the booking to wed Alex. The less said about how this turned out the better.

4. Sue Sylvester and Sue Sylvester
Glee's Machiavellian cheerleading coach has disastrous luck with men so decided to marry someone she adores unconditionally and trusts implicitly: herself. The best thing about this wedding? Sue's Adidas tracksuit dress.

3. Niles and Daphne
This was TV's longest and most excruciating courtship, so when Frasier's bother and live-in physiotherapist finally married it was impossible not the leak a few tears. They opted for a quickie in Reno but had to stage a second wedding for the family.

2. Ken and Deirdre
Around 24 million viewers – more than tuned in for Charles and Di's wedding – watched Coronation Street's Deirdre wed Ken Barlow get hitched in 1981. Alas, only 12 million tuned in for their second go up the aisle in 2005.

1. Scott and Charlene
On 8 November 1988, BBC One broadcast the frothy, frilly wedding of teen Neighbours Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell. The union's 20 million UK witnesses are still inclined to blub every time they hear "Suddenly" by Angry Anderson.

Would you agree with our list? What's your favourite TV wedding?

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