Top 5 silliest moments on Australian reality TV

By the early 2000s, Australian reality shows became commonplace on the small screen. From Aussie originals to localised versions of international programs, these shows were accompanied by some defining moments, both serious and hilarious, that forever changed the dynamics of Australian television.

From bad rapping skills to science experiments gone bad, these are some of the silliest moments on Australian reality TV.

5. Moving violations

Taking the nerd makeover concept to a new level, the second season of Beauty and the Geek Australia enlisted Australia's Got Talent winners, hip-hop sensation Justice Crew to lead the dweebs through a close-to-impossible challenge -- learning to dance. Giving the contestants one-on-one lessons, the gravity-defying jerk team attempted to make a "hip-hop boy band" out of the nation's biggest uncos. Sporting a Diddy-inspired baby blue tracksuit with matching sneakers, super-dork contestant Thomas enthusiastically followed the crew's dance steps, blowing scaring his instructors away with an epic display of fly-ness. After much hard work and rigorous training, the gang of geeks actually looked like a hip-hop boy band -- "Dorky by Nature".

4. Flour power

The 2008 season of Big Brother Australia saw Melbourne party brat and house intruder Corey Worthington and housemate Brigitte Stavaruk go head-to-head in a memorably childish tit for tat. Sneaking up on Brigitte while she was in bed, the charming Worthington woke up "the sleeping beauty" with a massive flour bomb to the head. Set on revenge, this "ditsy chick" outdid Corey with a much more creative counter-attack -- the old ketchup-on-the-bedsheets approach.

3. A mo-"Mentos" occasion

If you followed the 2009 season of Australia's Got Talent during the auditions, you may remember Sonny the Magnificent's "head-blowing" stunt involving Diet Coke and Mentos. Wearing mint-covered headgear and goggles, this daredevil shoved his face into a large bowl of Diet Coke, which was supposed to trigger an epic foam explosion. But with the cola lying out in the open in a wide bowl, there wasn't enough carbon to "blow his head off". And if there was anything bursting beyond control during the experiment, it was probably the live audience who struggled to hold back their laughter from start to finish.

2. Najam's last dance

The 2009 season of Australia's Got Talent also saw a very unlikely contestant energise the crowd in one of the show's biggest laugh-out-loud moments. With only five months of "clubbing" experience, semi-finalist Najam Ajana sang and danced the night away to a medley of jams, including James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" and the Pussycat Dolls' smash-hit "Don't Cha". Doing his number one fan and judge Dannii Minogue proud, Ajana performed with a passion that outlasted his limited talent, switching from track to track like a true "natural". Tossing away his blazer in slow motion, Ajana even got some audience members to rise up from their seats in complete awe and delight. Leaving the stage to a standing ovation, Ajana said he was more content with "bringing smiles and laughter" to the people than winning the contest.

1. Ice Ice Baby

One of last year's more light-hearted moments on reality talent show The X Factor involved judges MCs Ronan Keating and Kyle Sandilands aka "Konan" bringing down the house with their very own rendition of Vanilla Ice's '90s hit "Ice Ice Baby". Overlaid with colleague Guy Sebastian's beat-boxing and loud cheers from the audience, this unlikely rap duo wiped the dust off a record we try to forget we ever purchased.

Do you agree with our list, or can you think of a crazier moment worthy of inclusion? Let us know in the comments below!

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Feb 04, 2011
Chris Brown will own the justice crew any day in any sort of dancing.

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