Top Chef finalists live on the Web

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There can only be one Top Chef.

But there can be two Top Chef finalists on the Web after the show. Following the telecast of the season-two finale of Top Chef tonight at 10 p.m. EST, will host the remaining two finalists, Ilan Hall and Marcel Vigneron, in a Q&A; session on the site's Watch What Happens section.

Hall is a New York line cook who mysteriously adopted a mild Brooklyn accent midway through the season. Vigneron is an eccentrically coiffed Las Vegas chef who creates a foam for every dish. The two have been antagonistic toward each other since the beginning of the season, although Vigneron ran afoul of almost every other contestant on the show with his condescending attitude and subtly sabotaging ways.

Beginning at 11 p.m. EST, Web users can watch the two contestants squaring off against each other and answering questions about the show. Users can e-mail questions to, or send an SMS message by texting WWH, followed by your question and your name to BRAVO 27286.

Top Chef is Bravo's number-one current program. The show ranked as the number-one food series on cable in January, scoring 2.1 million average viewers.

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