Top Gear to drive on other side of road

Under its new management, NBC has been reviving and repurposing shows at breakneck speed. Bionic Woman, American Gladiators, The Office, and Knight Rider are all based on previous ideas with many coming from the thumbs-up of NBC Entertainment cochairman Ben Silverman.

That trend is continuing with Top Gear, the BBC hit all about car culture. NBC has ordered a pilot of the reality series, the British version of which is currently available in the US on BBC America.

The show's format "fits perfectly into NBC's line-up of programming with male appeal," according to Silverman, with peeks at all sorts of vehicles with any number of wheels, the occasional death-defying stunt done by the anonymous test-driver known as "The Stig," and humorous dialogue.

The UK version of the show is hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, and was one of the most pirated shows in the world in 2007, according to torrent-tracker site TorrentFreak (NBC's Heroes was listed at number one). Other than putting the steering wheel on the other side, NBC has not detailed any changes to the Top Gear formula.

Top Gear debuted in 1977, but was revamped in 2002 and has skyrocketed in popularity. For more on the show, check out's previous coverage.

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