Totally Tubular July 2, 2015: Zoo, Scream, The Spoils Before Dying, Comic-Con Preview, and More (PODCAST)

Happy Thursday, guys and gals! Here in the States, it's time to celebrate our Independence Day—which really just means a three-day weekend, American flag tank tops, cheap fireworks, and even cheaper beer. But there's a new addition to the annual American tradition: Totally Tubular. In this week's episode, we chat about the pilot episodes of Zoo and Scream, preview IFC's The Spoils Before Dying, and give you some tips and tricks of how to survive another annual event: San Diego Comic-Con (which begins next week). Tim also remembers the time he took a shot with a Stormtrooper. 

Click below to listen to Episode 34! You can do us a favor and subscribe/rate on iTunes, and now you can also subscribe to the show on Stitcher. Here's the segment rundown:

... 01:47 – 09:37 – News Round-Up (Hannibal actors getting out of their contracts, NBC ditching Donald Trump, Fox's planned Fatal Attraction event series, and more)

... 09:38 – 21:18 – CBS' Zoo

... 21:19 – 29:39 – MTV's Scream

... 29:40 – 38:24 – IFC's The Spoils Before Dying

... 38:25 – 55:39 – Comic-Con 2015 Survival Guide

... 55:40 – 01:16:47 – Mailbag! (Including which shows you should binge this weekend)

This week's song: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," by the Tokens

Last week's podcast, in which we talked about Mr. RobotHumans, and Big Brother, is right here.

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Jul 03, 2015
Guys hello, Reese Witherspoon are doing the HBO show "Big Little Lies" with Nicole Kidman in 2016. Otherwise great podcast as usual.