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Touch: Toward an Understanding of the Great Existential Facebook

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Touch S01E07: “Noosphere Rising”

Let’s talk about this week's episode title, “Noosphere Rising,” because at first I thought it was some sort of typo.

The noosphere is believed to be the third phase of the Earth’s development. First came the geosphere—rocks, essentially the earth itself. Then came the biosphere—living organisms and the systems that support them. The noosphere is believed to be the sphere of human consciousness, according to a Russian geochemist and philosopher named Vernadsky. Bear with me, my background is in neither of those fields, at best I have a Sociology minor that did little more than make me sad about the world for three semesters, but BASICALLY, we’re talking about the interaction between human minds and how that interaction alters the biosphere.

And if that definition isn’t just a convoluted summary of Touch, I’ll eat my shoe.

When we left off last week, Arthur Teller, the only guy who seemed to have at least a vague understanding of what was going on, kicked it in his car. This week, he was still very well and truly dead. I may have been crossing my fingers for some sci-fi-esque redemption because Danny Glover is delightful, but fine, okay, Arthur is really dead for real. Clea checked out the security footage from the floor Teller was snooping on before his demise and found herself confused and intrigued when the footage went wonky at a certain point. Yup, the point when ghost/hallucination/whatever Amelia showed up.

Jake slipped Martin a key that Arthur gave to Jake after Martin asked Jake nicely for it. The trail led Martin to an underground poker game and a man named Logan Stanley, who was familiar with Teller’s work and was currently using the Amelia Sequence to make a killing at said underground poker game. Unfortunately for Logan, the Powers that Be assumed his good luck was a the result of some sort of cheating enabled by his dealer/crush, and since she was ordered to pay pack his $200,000 in winnings, she wasn’t much open to romance at the moment. Sucks to be you, bro.

With his usual partner off chasing a temperamental horse across Australia (yes, really) Logan convinced Martin to help him win enough money to help his almost-ladyfriend pay off the debt. They made a killing and Logan rewarded Martin for his assistance by telling him where Arthur stashed his research. I’m not entirely sure what Martin is supposed to make of said research without someone who understands it around to translate, but maybe Logan will stick around, or he can convince Arthur’s daughter to give the crazy another chance.

More likely, it looks as though Clea will join the crusade. She’s already halfway there anyway, right? After watching and re-watching the security footage for half of “Noosphere Rising” she spotted something, something weird and fast and... OH HEY AMELIA. Sup?

So, I guess that rules out hallucination, yes? And all of the implications of the noosphere, the idea of a global social network lends itself to ruling out ghosts as well. Amelia is THERE and Amelia is SOMETHING but exactly what that something is remains a mystery.

And since the driving force behind this series has just taken a turn toward the more scientific and away from the particularly spiritual, I’m clinging to my theory that Sheri Strapling knows more than she’s letting on. And I REALLY don’t like Aunt Abigail’s sudden interest in all of this, especially with all of her hinting at big important connections and BFF vibe with Strapling.

What are your thoughts?

Notes and Observations:

1. I’m absolutely delighted every single time the Happy Pop Twins show up and I’m glad they have an actual name now. They appear regularly enough, why shouldn't they have a (somewhat) proper title?

2. I kinda saw where the Natalie storyline was going, but it was still ridiculously satisfying when she ended up with Paolo at the end. I don’t know, I think I’m getting mushy in my old age.

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