Tracy Morgan + Betty White = Awesome

Don't you want to know what happened behind the scenes of Tracy Morgan and Betty White's New York Magazine photo shoot?

The Glee kids are off and touring! In their live performance, they give fans a taste of the old ...

... and the new.

The Lost cast really loves its composer, Michael Giacchino.


... Wisteria Lane has been home to a lot of nutjobs over the years. Ah, the memories.

... Speaking of Desperate Housewives villains, original creeper Paul Young—er, Mark Moses, discusses [SPOILER ALERT] his return to the Lane!

... Even Sam Waterston got blindsided by the cancellation of Law and Order.

... Look what's going to happen to the city of New York now that there aren't any more dum-dums.

... Awww, cute. George Lucas is a Lost fan.

... Chelsea Handler is a lot more important than you might think.

... Planning to seduce a Doctor Who fan? Here are some tips.

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